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26 colors glitter eyeshadow powder rainbow gold silver pink flake long lasting waterproof face makeup seuqins gel AM082

(500 customer reviews)


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26 colors glitter eyeshadow powder rainbow gold silver pink flake long lasting waterproof face makeup seuqins gel AM082

Name: 26 colors glitter eyeshadow gel
Color” 26 colors

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glitter powder

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500 reviews for 26 colors glitter eyeshadow powder rainbow gold silver pink flake long lasting waterproof face makeup seuqins gel AM082

  1. A***r

    I really liked these sequins. The truth when you apply, then they do not freeze, you can powder or fix the highlighter and will be very cool

  2. J***k

    Excellent product all as in the description.

  3. H***u

    The product arrived before a month by china ordinary small packet if you are from canada never ask for yanwen or sunyou will never get your order. It’s smaller than i thought and when you open it it’s like 75 percent full it’s not full. Wet meson which makes it quick to stick to the skin that didn’t expect it per i like it. The truth is beautiful only that it is a parcel of what you imagine

  4. A***a

    The goods are received, packed well, but the sequin in the bank is half less! I shoot stars for this.

  5. Y***X

    Received quickly. It’s super pretty, just like the picture. My daughter loves it. I’ll order more. Thank you.

  6. O***o

    For some reason, the shade of 10 was slightly incomplete in the jar.
    Looks cool and lie down too!

  7. L***a


  8. O***o

    Apply super!! Jar with blue was full (5 number) with a red shade for some reason incomplete ((shade 10
    And so super!

  9. i***n

  10. I***a

    Very cool, full. Stick well, hold for a long time.

  11. O***N

    Not here. Through dispute returned money

  12. I***a

  13. B***y

  14. e***d

  15. R***r

    Jars are tiny, the base is not sticky, just like a lotion, keep not long on the skin. Well aesthetically norms, cute

  16. S***J

    It looks stuning!
    I love it so much that is great pretty gliter i wanted!
    Thank You

  17. A***r

    Very cool sequins! Note that the gel in which there are sequins does not dry, because of this, everything sticks to it. In general, everything is fine) i will order more colors. I recommend

  18. i***d

  19. L***a

  20. r***i

    the glitter are very cute and stick nicely

  21. M***i

  22. n***g

  23. L***t

  24. n***g

  25. L***t

  26. A***r

  27. M***o

  28. n***n

  29. v***t

    The parcel was not tracked. To krasnodar reached 54 days. Most of it stuck to the lid, but it’s not scary. The gel is not dry, the skin does not pinch, it shines very beautifully.

  30. g***r

  31. A***r

  32. R***z

  33. v***r

  34. A***h

  35. J***n

  36. A***r

  37. F***a

  38. s***v

    Packaging is small but the content is very good. I wish more quantity would come

  39. s***v

    Exact as in the description

  40. s***v

  41. s***v

  42. K***a

    Excellent sequins. They hold very well-all day in the wind, the sun, and no one unstuck. Applied easily, personally i have neither allergies nor irritation. Everything is fine. I’ll order more!

  43. P***a

    Beautiful sequins, i thought they ‘d be loose, but they’re already sticky. It is very convenient to apply them

  44. O***w

  45. C***n

  46. C***n

  47. N***a

    Everything is just super! Very happy! Jars are small, to the touch like a fat balm. Can be used on any part of the body, then everything is washed off

  48. A***e

    So much prettier than the picture! Different shapes and sizes make this glitter so gorgeous. Good price, fast delivery. Would buy again.

  49. N***a

    Everything is super! To the touch as a fat balm, can be used on any part of the body

  50. G***a

  51. E***z

    Item took long but it was worth it as MUA I can work with this

  52. E***z

    Loved it

  53. C***a

    Sequins are cool, but on the face leave the film very even noticeable!

  54. E***A

    I love this stuff!! So much glitter So easy to apply!

  55. G***e


  56. m***m

    Came half empty

  57. Я***а

    Very cool sequins, hold for a long time. I advise

  58. D***G

    So pretty! I love it! Just as the pictures.

  59. e***o

    Very small in size

  60. D***G

  61. A***r

  62. K***o

  63. A***h

  64. j***j

    Small package, but otherwise as promised

  65. Y***K

  66. A***r

  67. O***r

    I love great product 🙂 I recommend

  68. I***c

  69. A***a

  70. v***v


  71. f***r

  72. K***a

  73. a***a

  74. A***r

  75. S***F

  76. S***F

  77. u***u

    Delighted even my friends-guys

  78. C***m

  79. f***r

    Athletic competition when writing out tool cooking

  80. A***r

  81. a***a

  82. P***a

  83. P***g

  84. l***l

  85. P***g

  86. P***a

  87. E***a

  88. A***a

    All ok

  89. D***a

  90. V***a

  91. N***n

    Good sparkles.

  92. A***r

    ok thank you

  93. N***n

    It’s okay.

  94. J***r

  95. R***r

  96. M***a

  97. M***z

  98. M***p

  99. m***m

  100. i***s

  101. a***a

    Cool glitter, walked about a month, picked up at the post office. The description corresponds.

  102. a***a

  103. f***r

  104. A***r

    Everything fine! It sticks well! Great Color and it doesn’t irritate my skin! Thank you

  105. N***a

  106. M***t

  107. A***z

  108. N***a

  109. A***z

  110. M***n

  111. M***t

    All as described. Fast delivery. I’m very happy!

  112. T***a

    Looks good!

  113. J***v

  114. A***o

    They look beautiful.

  115. A***o

    Beautiful glitter,

  116. A***r

  117. k***k

    ОБАЛДЕЕЕННЫЕ SEQUINS!!! Cool and long hold on the skin, easy to apply, color as in the picture!!! In general, the bomb. The order was sent quickly, almost immediately, came in 5 weeks. With the seller did not communicate, because, there was no need for this)

  118. A***r

  119. k***k

  120. N***a

  121. A***r

  122. A***v

    Unfortunately, the packaging came almost empty.

  123. S***r

  124. p***p

  125. M***n

  126. A***r

  127. O***a

    Chic sequins!! I deceive them about and without) there are silver and transparent holographic, hearts, stars, dots, small dots, a bunch of beauty

  128. D***e

    smaller jar than expected but still a good bit of product. really love how #19 flips from pale pink to baby blue

  129. D***e

  130. Y***I

  131. k***y

    Cool thing for eyes!!

  132. a***a

    Sequins dried, bank open

  133. A***r

  134. N***u

  135. P***Y

  136. E***a

    Got some kind of lump of fused izorov. Nonsense

  137. M***k

  138. T***a

  139. f***e

    Compliant and well packaged

  140. ***a

  141. y***y

  142. A***r

  143. R***l

  144. J***a

  145. K***a

    The goods did not come, thanks to the favorite post of russia

  146. A***r

    Horror. Shadows do not stick

  147. A***a

    It’s love at first sight. Ordinary sequins with the addition of top for glitter. Well held, allergies did not appear. Packed on conscience, from which everything came in intact and safe. I recommend.

  148. M***d

    Cool, for lips and eyelids

  149. P***a

  150. A***r

  151. A***r

    Very small product but otherwise everything is nickel

  152. K***a

    Excellent sequins, lie perfectly, not sticky

  153. B***A

  154. K***a

  155. A***v

  156. N***a

  157. f***f

  158. N***a

  159. K***a

    I ordered 7 and 21. Cool smear, just like in the picture. I really don’t know what to rub them now.

  160. S***a

    Sequins beautiful, walked not long, about 2-3 weeks
    Very tightly packed, the jar is small, but enough for a long time. Sequins of different sizes, stick well and hold perfectly if not touch your hands

  161. M***a


  162. S***u

    Received they are really very pretty but do not hold much against

  163. O***a

    This is already better price for sequins-the jar is very small, and more than 50 rubles. I do not want to give for it. Otherwise very cute)

  164. E***t

  165. l***e

  166. E***t

  167. V***o

    Like the description, they’re not loose. they’re like jelly.

  168. L***m


  169. l***l

    Ever arrived

  170. A***r

  171. K***i

  172. K***i

  173. N***a

    Nice product, though it’s smaller than i expected. But they’re beautiful and have a ready-to-use adhesive gel. I got the order earlier than expected.

  174. N***a

  175. N***a

  176. O***a

    The photo is more than there is. But i like it, it’s not for every day, it looks beautiful, it went about 2 months maybe less. They talked to themselves, could open up

  177. A***r

    I’m very happy with the purchase. The glitter is very nice. I recommend this seller. Fast delivery.

  178. K***a

    Gel dry, filled only half jar

  179. N***c

  180. T***v

  181. T***v

  182. s***s

    Very very small etc..!

  183. A***r

  184. A***i

  185. M***n

  186. A***r

  187. r***r

  188. N***a

  189. Z***i

    It came dry

  190. B***e

  191. Z***i

  192. f***r

    they came, it is a glittery jelly, doesn’t crack when dry, boxes could be bigger tho

  193. R***a

    They come dry. I don’t recommend. They look like pasta and can’t be used.

  194. R***a

    They’re dry. It can’t be used. I don’t recommend

  195. E***E

  196. M***a

  197. A***r

    This is delight!! Sequins in transparent jelly, on the skin is smeared easily, slightly tightens after drying, if smeared with a large layer. Hold pretty tight. Shimmer and look cool. Washed off easily, without soap, under a jet of water.

  198. A***r

    Excellent sequins. My daughter is delighted

  199. A***r

  200. m***m

  201. W***a

  202. A***r

  203. A***a

  204. L***r

    I liked it

  205. T***a


  206. A***r

    The goods did not come.

  207. U***i

  208. U***i

  209. E***a

    Everything is fine, everything is as in the picture.

  210. E***a

  211. t***t

  212. R***a

  213. A***r

    I thought it would be more, the jar is small, like there is no allergy

  214. T***L

  215. A***r

    The package arrived in Moscow very quickly-somewhere in two weeks. Sequins in the jar is not much, it is better to take two at once. But if you do not plan to use them often and one is enough.

  216. A***r

  217. d***d

  218. E***a

  219. I***a

  220. P***p

  221. A***v

  222. A***r

  223. D***a

  224. A***r

  225. M***a

    The boat comes practically empty.

  226. J***u

  227. N***e

  228. A***r

  229. b***v

  230. M***o

  231. M***o

  232. A***r

  233. J***o

  234. A***r

  235. J***o

  236. R***r

    Came fast, smells nice, everything is fine)

  237. A***r

    Walked 2 months, not tracked. Dry, glued badly

  238. E***s

  239. J***a

  240. Д***ь

    Wife happy

  241. U***d

  242. A***r

  243. V***r

  244. E***a

  245. A***a

  246. a***a

    I ordered another option, but this one is also cool

  247. A***r

    It looks very nice, I will add a review later.

  248. a***a

    I did not receive the goods, but the money was returned
    Therefore 3 stars

  249. a***a

    I never received the goods. Therefore 3 stars

  250. A***r

  251. v***v

  252. S***e

  253. v***v

  254. Y***y

  255. N***

    Funny sequins but walked for a long time smell nice and I apply well.

  256. N***

  257. N***t

  258. N***t

  259. o***o

    Good Goods, came for a month, in the shine there is an adhesive base, which has no smell, it’s very cool!

  260. v***v

    All as in the picture. I ordered 10.10.2019 came on 07.11.2019.

  261. A***n

  262. A***r

  263. A***r

  264. T***a

  265. P***a

  266. s***s

  267. M***e

    The product is fine but it’s taken forever, I thought it wouldn’t come anymore. Besides, it’s very small, I don’t think I’ll repeat.

  268. L***a

  269. A***d

  270. E***R

  271. M***a

    Profits quickly

  272. C***o

  273. M***a

  274. m***m

  275. Z***o

    I love it!

  276. A***s

    It’s not powder, it comes with a gel or glue

  277. A***s

    It’s not powder, it comes with a gel or glue

  278. W***a

  279. N***a

    I ordered 5 and 7 rooms, all as in the photo, very beautiful)

  280. N***a

  281. S***s

  282. S***s

  283. A***r

    Thank you seller

  284. A***r

  285. A***a

  286. S***l

  287. A***o

    The best glitter lovelovelovelove love iiiiitttt

  288. K***i

  289. A***o

  290. N***l

    With the Stars very little of them, the floor of the jar, dried quickly

  291. s***n

  292. N***l

  293. N***o

  294. R***r

  295. S***a

  296. V***a

    I thought the volume would be more, and so normal, cool glitter

  297. K***z

  298. J***a

    Keep bad. The package is ugly.

  299. A***r

  300. O***a

    Ordered 30.10 came 21.11 in Novokuznetsk. I had to order delivery for 50 rubles to deliver for 3 weeks. On each bank the number you ordered is very convenient. Sequins are not for the eyes, only for the body, as the sequins are stiff. The gel is good, it is not bad, but if you rub the sequins when they dry-crumble. As beautiful as the picture. Justified on the next day after the order. Glitter number 12 is very much, more than gel, so they crumble a minute after application. For pictures of norms)

  301. R***r

    Don’t even think about it and take it. For such a price in general fire. Yes, small volume. But damn, this volume is enough for a long time. Even if used every day. In our stores such from 250 and above. And here for only 60 rubles. Before Rostov-on-Don the order came for a month. thanks to the seller! I recommend!

  302. O***a

  303. O***a

  304. l***y

  305. R***r

  306. S***r

    As description and picture. They are tiny jars

  307. S***r

  308. S***r

  309. A***a

    Very beautiful sequins, I order the third time. Very resistant, hold all day, and at the same time washed off with simple water. Very beautifully shine in the sun and in artificial lighting. I put even for ever, no discamfort. Can crumble, but a little bit

  310. A***a

    Great glitter gel! Went to Moscow for a month and a half. I ordered 4 jars, were packed in a bubble film. No smell, passed all day, irritation does not cause. I recommend!

  311. T***a

    50 days to Moscow. They threw it in the mailbox. The box is small, however, its money is worth it. Massive sequins (stars, hearts, mugs) fly off in 3 hours, do not hold very well. Small sequins hold well.

  312. A***a

  313. A***a

  314. j***l

  315. A***r

  316. D***a

  317. A***r

    Cool glitter, in a jar of it a lot

  318. I***n

  319. K***a

  320. E***a

  321. M***a

    Sequins are adorable!! Stars are not big, but not small, look very neat
    I do not know how it is possible, but small puffs are light translucent-silvery, and in the light they are cast in different colors

  322. Z***C

  323. E***a

    Very beautiful! Come to the mailbox.

  324. M***a

  325. A***a

    Packed well, looks ok, haven’t tried yet

  326. L***a


  327. A***a

    Large stars are very rare, the gel strongly solves the skin

  328. T***a

  329. l***l

    Ordered 2 different. It came all in one package. The order is satisfied. It came in 2 weeks in Almaty.

  330. M***o

    Well packed, fast, although tracking hasn’t been very good, I’m happy

  331. M***o


  332. l***l

  333. M***o

  334. M***o

  335. O***a

    Excellent glitter, definitely recommend to buy, came a little more than a month in Mo, threw in the mailbox, no complaints

  336. D***a

  337. O***a

  338. A***r

    Very beautiful sequins!

  339. M***a

    Dried slightly came, do not hold well

  340. A***a

    This norm the rest is not very

  341. A***r

  342. A***a

  343. A***r

  344. a***a

  345. c***

  346. M***a

  347. M***a

  348. D***a

    Fall off quickly, but the price justifies. Thank you! Me temper and people around

  349. N***a

    It came quickly. Very small tube. On the face holds for a long time

  350. A***a

    The parcel did not come!

  351. D***a

    A little not that in the picture, but will come down (21)

  352. Y***y

  353. N***a

  354. Y***y

  355. A***v


  356. N***a

  357. T***o

  358. O***a


  359. U***u

    looks exactly the picture and its cute and great quality

  360. I***e

  361. I***a

  362. V***o

  363. I***a

  364. f***f

    Everything corresponds to the description. The size of the jar with the lid from the bottle.

  365. O***n

    Super. hold well. I order a second time!

  366. D***l

  367. S***P

  368. o***a

  369. D***l

  370. A***a

    Good rubber, strong! with the seller did not communicate. Put in the mailbox, did not have to go to the Post Office) delivery of 1.5 months, but, I think, these are questions of our post office ..

  371. M***a

    Very cool sequins. Take it, you will not regret

  372. U***r

    Thank you so much! I will buy more

  373. M***a

  374. A***a


  375. A***a

  376. A***a

  377. R***a

    The product is very pretty and shimmery when applied to skin. it includes additional, smaller glitter sparkles. It doesn’t irritate the skin, but it’s better to try on your hand, before applying to your face

  378. A***r

  379. M***a

  380. D***t

  381. b***a

  382. D***t

  383. V***a

    Sequins in this color were dry, not applied. The rest are in order

  384. a***a

  385. V***a

  386. A***r

  387. V***a

  388. A***r

  389. P***w

  390. g***v

  391. v***r

  392. V***a

    Ordered 7 different packages, after 3 months nothing came, opened a dispute and the seller returned money for everything

  393. V***a

  394. T***i

  395. A***r

  396. V***a

  397. A***r

  398. V***a

  399. A***t

  400. T***y

  401. T***y

  402. D***k

  403. E***A

  404. E***A

  405. T***o

    The parcel went to Peter from 2.12 to 24.12. Packed in a puffy, nothing crumbled. As in the description, red, keep well, the skin does not tighten

  406. T***o

  407. R***r

  408. S***a

  409. A***r

  410. J***a

  411. D***s

  412. J***a

  413. V***r

  414. v***v

    To Moscow, delivery took 1.5 months. Jars are securely packed, nothing opened/dried/leaked. Gel in sequins does not tighten, does not smell and does not cause dryness. Jars are filled for 2/3. The sequins themselves are very beautifully poured, I can not convey this camera. Very beautiful, thanks for the goods

  415. F***g

    Well, it takes a long time, but I get there. Size is very small but good

  416. v***v

  417. J***a

  418. v***r

  419. J***a

  420. v***r

  421. v***v

    The best of all the newcomers-Silver, keeps Super, sparkles very beautiful, but it was put little, given that the boxes themselves and so small.

  422. v***v

    Blue glitter came the driest!! 🙁 I’m very upset, because it looks great, but after application very much crumbles!! I expected more boxes and better quality. And those that are worse in quality, from put full, and the one that is the best-a drop.

  423. v***v

    Yellow glitter came dry enough and the gel is sticky, it upset. But it looks beautiful and cute)

  424. S***P

  425. O***a

    The goods went for a long time. But came right under the new year, as a gift. Sprockets are good. Hold medium

  426. M***z

  427. K***m

    very dried out

  428. M***s

    Very small jar. But there seems to be quite a lot of sparkles. A little not what was expected, I thought that there would be a la gel base. But overall not bad.

  429. J***r

  430. A***r

  431. F***s

  432. A***a

    Everything is super! I’ll take more)

  433. v***v

    Very small jar, you need to immediately order a lot, but they are chic pts beautiful. Be sure to buy more!!!

  434. M***a

  435. A***r

  436. S***a

    Me and my eldest daughter OK, the younger immediately climbed into the sequins allergy, reddened the whole neck.

  437. S***a

  438. t***t

  439. A***r

  440. A***r

  441. V***a

  442. R***r

  443. A***r

  444. J***n

  445. N***a

  446. A***s

  447. S***y

    Thank You

  448. A***r

    Very beautiful

  449. K***v

  450. V***a

  451. A***r

  452. N***a

  453. A***V

  454. A***v

  455. R***a

  456. M***a

    Lousy wine all glued up

  457. A***r

    it s ok

  458. A***r

    i think it has a problem it doesn t stick to the face or anywhere

  459. A***r

  460. N***a

    Good sequins-bright and perfectly lie on the skin. But there are cons: small packing and long shipping

  461. A***a


  462. V***a

  463. m***z

  464. S***a

  465. A***a

  466. A***s

  467. P***a

  468. P***k

  469. A***r

  470. v***a

  471. R***h


  472. A***r

  473. e***e

  474. e***e

  475. T***a

  476. I***Y

  477. N***e

    Long delivery-two months.
    I’ll tell you right away-it sucks. Do not touch anything, do not breathe, do not touch-and then MB for a while sequins will last on the face. The gel is saved, apparently. When it touches as if flakes are soft. I used a friend who took sequins for poltos on Alika from someone, so those were thicker much.
    In short, with this thing I still did not go to people, XS how long it will hold.
    Specifically, this jar is in perfect order, as in the description.

  478. A***r


  479. N***e

    Long delivery-two months.
    I’ll tell you right away-it sucks. Do not touch anything, do not breathe, do not touch-and then MB for a while sequins will last on the face. The gel is saved, apparently. When it touches as if flakes are soft. I used a friend who took sequins for poltos on Alika from someone, so those were thicker much.
    In short, with this thing I still did not go to people, XS how long it will hold.
    Specifically, this jar was taken as a gift. That half stuck to the lid I do not like. Color as in the order.

  480. N***e

    Long delivery-two months.
    I’ll tell you right away-it sucks. Do not touch anything, do not breathe, do not touch-and then MB for a while sequins will last on the face. The gel is saved, apparently. When it touches as if flakes are soft. I used a friend who took sequins for poltos on Alika from someone, so those were thicker much.
    In short, with this thing I still did not go to people, XS how long it will hold.
    Specifically, this jar is not at all like in the description! It is too pink, and the picture is reddish color. I don’t like it.

  481. A***r


  482. A***r

  483. E***a

  484. D***a

    Glitter came in about 2 months. It turned out that the jar for him is very small, about 2 centimeters in diameter. I do not know what consistency is normal to be glitter, in the came jar it was quite dry and tightly knocked down. On the skin lies well and does not fall, holds. Color matches description

  485. M***o

  486. D***a

  487. V***a

  488. N***a

  489. n***n

    In full delight! In front of the eyes are not felt, keep well

  490. E***a

    Stunning glitter!

  491. A***v

    Everything came, thank you)

  492. A***r

    Delivery is very long…

  493. E***a

  494. A***a

  495. A***r

  496. n***n

  497. A***S

  498. g***g

    All the sequins are glued, you can apply only a large lump

  499. S***a

  500. Z***a

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