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6 Colors Amazing Moisturizer Lip Gloss Waterproof Makeup Lip Stick Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Tint Tear Pull Lipgloss TLSM2

(500 customer reviews)


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1. The lip membrane in accordance with the lip, spread evenly, then wait 5-10 minutes to dry. 2. Then its surface, from the external lip hair slowly tear. 3. Lip tear film, with cotton tidy, may be appropriate for applying lip gloss or lip gloss, lip more radiant.

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Lip Gloss


Moisturizer, Hydrating, Nutritious


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Lip Gloss



500 reviews for 6 Colors Amazing Moisturizer Lip Gloss Waterproof Makeup Lip Stick Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Tint Tear Pull Lipgloss TLSM2

  1. L***a

    Corresponds to the description, delivery month, without marriage, Tube full. I recommend

  2. T***k

    Delivery is almost a month, the description corresponds, the quality is so-so. it is removed by Lumps. but for such money is happy

  3. K***a

    Very good product very fast shipping

  4. L***i

  5. J***a

    All OK

  6. I***o

    Five stars

  7. A***a

    Tint is good, order not for the first time. The colors in the photo and the seller differ, but the color itself, after removed, films, corresponds to the cap of the tube.

  8. M***a

    Lipstick came quickly. I do not know whether it should be or not, but it sticks on the lips and it’s kind of unpleasant

  9. G***i

    great quality and fast delivery. I definitely recommend the seller.

  10. O***n

    The goods came very quickly to Rostov on Don .. Packed in a doll and a separate bag all came in whole and unharmed) Many thanks to the seller I highly recommend .. And the goods themselves .. Very beautiful and gentle, natural colors

  11. j***a

    Ordered 11.10 delivered 30.10 fast shipping wrong of applied but nice smells and little works

  12. K***a

    Goods not dotarl

  13. A***r

  14. m***k

    This is my second order. Is Super recommend hot!

  15. L***n

    Delivery to Ukraine a little more than a month. Everything corresponds to the description. I am happy with the purchase, maybe I will order in this store more.

  16. f***f

    Very interesting thing, you need to apply a thick layer, after you remove the film, the sponges remain pleasant bright color.

  17. N***a

  18. S***H

  19. E***a

    At first the color seemed very bright. But this tint-you need to apply on the lips, wait for it to dry, and remove the top layer. It is removed as a film. The color on the lips remains pleasant, light pink. A little dry lips.

  20. S***y

    I was like a product, Garna yakishta, a spvidka delivery. @ Chinagoodbuy, for those who want me to know this product and Unchained zekonomiti.

  21. D***a

    Shipment dotarła very quickly (2-3tyg.). Products have been secured foil bombelkową. Nothing uległo damage. Next in perfect condition. Lipstick spisuje very well. Don’t rub off after chafing finger, be too after drinking some drink. Starts poddawać only after eating eg. Sandwich or something warm. Applique is pretty simple, nevertheless need it carry out pretty quickly, because lipstick zastyga in express rate and hard korygować possible shortcomings. Most importantly, really not dotykajcie paragraph between applying and ściągnięciem lipstick. Light touch may sometimes make that separate the it from a chunk and effect will niejednorodny. After skończeniu whole process, if you desire highlight color, highly recommended imposition błyszczyku.

  22. M***.

    Fast shipping. Need be able aplikować for mouth, only brush. Little wysusza, feel that is alcohol based.

  23. A***a

    It is paint not lip gloss.

  24. R***n

    I really liked everything. In Moscow came in about 3 weeks)

  25. E***a

    Funny tint. The color is the same as on the cap. The smell is pleasant. I do not have complaints, except that the delivery would like to be faster)
    Product and seller recommend!)

  26. S***o

    Some shit. Dries the film on the lips like glue. And smells like glue.

  27. A***r

    I did try it yet but I think it good

  28. A***a


  29. A***r

    Cool effect. Only need very carefully apply lip gloss. Recommend

  30. s***s

    Very nice color. Not too strong mouth don’t make up artificial. Recommend

  31. P***e

  32. A***a

    Great tint! Came quickly. Color matches. Apply quickly, it dries. The layer is better thin to apply. Removable film, easy. Remains a more natural color. Holds for a long, very long time!

  33. m***A

    stain & chapstick = me, the lighter pink one seems to be the closest shade to normal lips color…..only a bit deeper so I love it! win! 10-10

  34. A***r

    Does not match

  35. L***a

    Chic smell =) color is excellent

  36. R***a

  37. I***S

    Interesting thing. The color is bright.

  38. K***a


  39. A***e

    If ever used a mask-film, then it is, only for the lips. When applying the color bright red. Plucks when drying. When it dries, it is removed well, 4-5 mimic exercises and gently remove the film. Which is not very convenient, so it is at the junction of the lips, where moisturizing, is removed worse. After the color, as stated pink. On my lips only a little shade, but took to try what it is. Due to the fact that nothing remains on the lips, only a brighter own color, then there is nothing to wear out here. The time of action did not catch, but for an hour and a half enough for sure, did not look further.
    Thank you

  40. P***r

    Horny smells. Only why tube is so uklejona?

  41. I***s

    It Took a little longer than expected but not very. All OK for now.

  42. S***a

  43. g***r

    It came quite quickly, within a month. The seller is very responsive. The product corresponds to the description)

  44. g***a

    Thank you very much seller came perfectly

  45. R***r

    Tint liked it. After applying and removing the tint, the color keeps on the lips for a long time, the color is natural. I expected a little different shade. Came for a month, well packed. Thanks to the seller.

  46. o***a


  47. A***o

    Cool thing, keeps long enough, but before use it is necessary to moisturize the lips well, because tint dries them, I recommend the seller!

  48. M***o

    Lipstick exactly as in the picture. Came exactly a month later. Track tracked, recommend product and manufacturer.

  49. h***b

    It came in about two and a half weeks, and the colors were what I wanted, only watermelon was darker than I expected. Teşekkürler

  50. E***k

    For this price rewelacja

  51. r***r

  52. s***k

    I started the wildest allergy …. All lips in blisters and forceps ……

  53. A***a


  54. A***a


  55. s***s

    32 days delivery

  56. K***n

    Color lot slabszy than the pictures. Damage

  57. s***s

    32 days delivery tnq

  58. s***s

    Funny tint. The color is very bright. I advise you. The Perm region reached about 3-4 weeks.

  59. A***r


  60. M***

    It works good, but dries a little too fast. But I really like it!

  61. A***a

    Chose the wrong tone, bright orange. Sticky. did not like

  62. A***r

    superb i love thus item

  63. J***a

    Ordered 27.09, received 15.11 in the Samara region. For 15 rubles. Super

  64. O***a

    Delivery is fast. On the lips plucks, the smell is normal.

  65. K***a


  66. A***r

    Its ok but very sticky and doesn’t go on lips nicely.

  67. M***r

  68. R***h

  69. K***a

    It’s not Paints

  70. m***m

  71. A***h

    Very bright shine, thick, more like lipstick

  72. A***a

    Blyszyk has bad texture. Don’t give up it paint paragraph because all the roluje at the mouth.

  73. B***a

    If you bit your lips, then this lip gloss will not lie exactly and will not be beautiful.

  74. L***l

    I am testing now

  75. E***a

  76. b***n

  77. L***a

    Came quickly. I liked everything.

  78. f***f

    Very cool, what I wanted

  79. D***E

    please do not buy this lipstick they are not good at all. I am a reseller and bought some for my customers and they were all returned to me and refund them back. the seller doesn’t want to understand that. I will open a dispute because either she sends a replacement or gives my money back. they are not good at all. PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS. it’s a complete waste and loss. Thank you

  80. D***m

    Тинт просто прекрасный! Насыщенный цвет и долго держиться.

  81. A***l

    product is good to use. it is different from other lipsticks.

  82. R***r

    Very small. The smell is normal. I advise

  83. D***o

    Just pamper, weird thing.

  84. A***r


  85. f***f

  86. f***f

    It came neatly packed, a month before the CBD, Nalchik. Smells insanely tasty, nice. Color oooochen bright

  87. J***a

    Delivery of a month and a half. Tint came very thick, lays lumps, melts, very uncomfortable, offensive (

  88. A***a

    Czekałam over a month but worth was 🙂

  89. S***k

    Lipstick has some not very pleasant taste.

  90. R***r

    I thought Pink was red.

  91. M***a


  92. A***r

  93. B***k

  94. R***r

    The goods came well packed in a pup. The color is exactly the same as in the picture, slightly tightens the lips, but it is not critical. With the seller did not communicate the goods went exactly a month. Not tracked

  95. R***r

    Received Today its lip gloss delivery month to the Krasnoyarsk territory threw in the mailbox packaging usual-postal package and the gloss itself in cellophannew nothing drifted smell pleasant-berry itself shine very bright and terribly sticky had to on top to smear others so that the lips do not blend together well, and so everything is not bad

  96. R***k

    Came quickly. The color is cool. I advise)

  97. A***r

    Excellent tint, bright

  98. K***

    Say that OK. Supply durable półtorej month. Products have tight chemical smell and packaging and same liniments. Very thick by what hard the distributes, best use for applying some small brush

  99. A***a

    Cool Flex

  100. N***a

    Many thanks to the seller. He is an honest and benevolent man. Tint just super and shipping fast. We’ll buy more. Recommend!!

  101. O***a

    Everything came, not tracked

  102. M***z

    All OK, though effect not very spectacular (probably because of the color).

  103. E***a

  104. a***a

    The order came quickly, but the product was too thick and it is uncomfortable to use, it rolls down and unevenly falls

  105. k***p

    very bad…

  106. E***a

    Came the goods quickly enough, a month can even less, the smell is unrealistically delicious.

  107. N***a

    Not received

  108. A***r

    Did not come

  109. n***n

    Czekałam or long or short, product came in good condition, nothing Sie not wylało. Not wystąpiła none allergic reaction when applied, color which leaves the mouth is piękny-stonowany pomarancz.

  110. I***k

  111. L***o

    Mask. Kept 10 minutes, removed with film. The effect is, not too bright. Very nice color of the sponges becomes. But, not for gentle lips!!!! On my lower lip, the mask broke off with the skin. Dubious pleasure. No lips-no problems)

  112. f***r

  113. S***a

    Very bright

  114. S***

    It’s nice.

  115. A***r

    Koszmarny product. Not AT all suitable for use. This is glutowata maź, which even the mouth can’t spread. Damage even such cents for this product.

  116. E***o

  117. J***n

  118. T***a

    Great item! Fast shipping

  119. f***t

  120. D***e

    Na, man Tai nepatiko. Užsideda ryškus Storas sluoksnis, lūpos raudonos, nebenutrinsi. Neįsivaizduoju, Kokia Tai chemija. Na, Gal typewriter aš nepripratusi. Nežinau.

  121. l***l

    Not pts (((

  122. v***d

    Everything came safe and sound, but the smell is caustic from lipstick.

  123. O***a

    Very fast delivery, thank you. Until тестила

  124. A***a

    Bright bright pink color, Barbie… :))

  125. k***k

    It is difficult to apply very, inconvenient. Quickly erased

  126. k***k

    Normal shine, color keeps all
    Day. Paint the lips only need a brush to the edges were even.

  127. v***v

    Smells delicious

  128. p***p

    Very well holds on the lips

  129. A***r

    Product well packaged but complicated applied and very liquid, dry hardly.

  130. g***n

    Finally youcome tints. I ordered November 3, and came to Moscow on December 10. received at the post office in the delivery department on notice. tintoa colors completely match the picture. very beautiful colors. I ordered 2 tints and 1 shine and came all at once in one envelope. thanks to the seller for that. I advise you to order. all good purchases.

  131. g***n

    Everything is super!

  132. E***a

    The smell is delicious, gave her daughter.

  133. A***r

    Match description

  134. I***h

  135. A***r

  136. S***a

  137. g***g


  138. A***a

    package arrived damage

  139. s***s

    It is good but it is veey itchy on lips

  140. v***r

    The goods came for a month with excess. Tint corresponds to the description. Keeps on the lips all day, water does not wash off (even micellar it is difficult to wash off). I ordered the cherry red color and the color matches.

  141. A***e

    Need much apply to was color. Wysusza mouth. But OK.

  142. R***r

    Didn’t arrive. Lame

  143. L***l


  144. v***n

    The order did not come. Money still do not want to return (probably lost somewhere in Russia)

  145. A***r

    All right. Good product.

  146. D***f

    Žiadam vratenie penazi

  147. A***r

    Did not burn

  148. R***r

    The goods did not reach.

  149. v***v

  150. T***r

    Delivery two weeks, the color is the one that ordered, the last photo after being in the water several times, resistant

  151. D***a

    Ordered 21:25 Nov.12 2019, received 15.12.2019. In Tashkent, packed in a puffy bag, during transportation nothing damaged, the track was tracked in China, with the seller did not communicate, for order in Uzbekistan write to Telegram @ grandshoppinguz
    21:25 Nov. 12 2019 йилда буюртма килдим, Тошкентда 15.12, 2019 йилда олдим, пакетга уралган, йулда шикастланмаган, track Хитойда кузатилди, сотувчи билан езишмадим, Узбекистон буйича буюртма оламан, телеграмда @ grandshoppinguz ha езин

  152. F***o

    Hard to put on
    How are you applying to your lips?

  153. k***k

    Makes the Lips red. Not quite generally moderate but the light red holds well and looks natural

  154. O***a

    Lip gloss okropny as adhesive paint.

  155. a***a


  156. O***a

    It’s not product for me, but everything okay. thank you <3

  157. G***o

    A little hard to pass but beautiful color

  158. A***r

    Nam ochen ponravilsya vse tak je kak opisano

  159. E***a


  160. N***a

    best product

  161. M***a

  162. R***r

    Why is it like glue? and smells not very good

  163. P***B

    came so fast love it

  164. N***a

    Cool shine, color approached))

  165. v***a

  166. g***a

    Prodovtsa recommend the parcel came quickly

  167. M***h

    Arrived faster than expected

  168. d***d

    I liked everything

  169. N***S

    All OK

  170. R***d

    Shit is something)))

  171. S***a

    It has been showing that I have received my order but unfortunately I haven’t received it yet and it is showing it is delivered
    kindly do the needful
    either send the product again or give my money back
    Thank you

  172. R***o

  173. A***E

    Ordered 11.11 came 23.12 all whole, threw in the mailbox. My daughter is happy. Thank you to the seller. I recommend the product and the seller. All class.

  174. v***r

    Arrived quickly, the packaging is intact. Great tint. It is better to apply a brush with an average layer, removed with a film, leaving a shade for an hour of 4-5. Better before and after use hygienic lipstick, because. Strongly dry lips

  175. A***a

    The parcel was a month and a half. Not tracked. Packed all in a bag with pouches. The whole came. I’ll try, I’ll add a tip.

  176. A***r

    Seems nice

  177. C***a

    I like it

  178. V***s

    The goods did not come

  179. R***r

    Great product. Thanks to the seller. Fast shipping. I recommend.

  180. N***e

    The order came for 2 months, the seller is sociable, good, order)

  181. R***r

    I buy not the first of this series. Holds the color for about half a day. Delivery is almost a month.

  182. A***a

    The goods are good. Color pleasant

  183. C***n


  184. M***k


  185. C***a

    lipstick is very sticky and doesn’t have last longing effect

  186. A***r

    Shit full

  187. A***r

  188. I***a

    Shipping 1,5 months, seller responsive, quality is normal

  189. v***v


  190. E***a

    The order came quickly, good, the color is beautiful, lasts a long time. Everything pleased. Thank You

  191. A***a

    It smells nice. In the case has not yet tried

  192. A***r

    The moisturizer lip gloss isn’t so great… Delivery was so so slow

  193. O***k


  194. J***a

    Beautiful Color)

  195. R***r

    I really like everything generously thank you very much

  196. K***a

    All OK. Recommend

  197. E***g

  198. O***e

  199. g***w

    Not yet used. Ordered on November 10, it came on December 28.

  200. A***o

    Some dry gel is thick, which does not even lie on the lips. If you smear the lips then the residual effect is …. lasts a few hours for sure.

  201. F***r

    love it

  202. V***v


  203. v***t

    It came quickly, but tint was a little spoiled.

  204. f***r

    Product came spilled. Damaged packaging. Went to garbage.

  205. L***a

    Quality shit bad falls on the lips and
    Lips merge.

  206. A***a

  207. D***a

  208. V***s

    I love this product! Color lips well, gives a natural effect of red lips like Snow White not like lipstick. Easy to use but not easy to apply (use a brush preferably or a toothpick). I will give an opinion to know the duration of the holding of the color.

  209. S***a

    Intensity is not very. Got off in two hours.

  210. g***a

    All OK, warranty up to 22 years

  211. v***r

    Not tracked, went to Chelyabinsk for a long time, the color sent another

  212. A***r

    The goods did not come

  213. V***s

    Not yet tested this color but satisfied with the other color

  214. V***s

    Not yet tested this color but happy with the other color

  215. g***d

    Tint smells delicious on the lips light
    Shade, I recommend it was a month before Adygea

  216. A***o

    The goods went a little more than a month-although it was written that it would arrive ~ in 2 months. Seller-recommend

  217. n***n

    Mouth are little wyschnięte, but so are very good product

  218. N***a

  219. J***k

    Compatible with description

  220. A***r

    awsum product

  221. A***a


  222. f***f

    It’s okay.

  223. S***S

    Very bad goods, do not buy anything in this store, the seller also on dispute deceives

  224. A***r

    late shipping

  225. o***o

    You can’t even use it. The seller give back the money.

  226. L***a

  227. K***z

    All OK recommend

  228. P***k


  229. M***s


  230. T***n

  231. L***s

    It arrived faster than anticipated, was very happy with the product and its result.
    A tip, never leave lips closed during drying (It dirty teeth kjjjskskskksjkjksksk)
    THE Orange has this proposal be a more quiet, a style autumn, if you want a more strong recommend another color

  232. l***a

    Nice smell. I liked it. Packed very neatly. Thank you.
    I recommend both the product and the store.

  233. e***a

    A good product, really stains the lips, lasts long enough. But minus very dry lips, straight disaster. We have to treat them with balms.

  234. A***r

    Spvidka delivery, good yakyst

  235. M***a

    nekvalitní lepidlo

  236. i***i

    How do I get the money back?

  237. A***r

  238. R***r

  239. A***h

    It came very quickly, everything is super) the only color is not very

  240. R***r

    The goods did not come, the seller returned the money

  241. R***r

    Very long went more than a month passed in good condition

  242. A***r

    Even though it took so long, it came the same as the photo and in an exelent state

  243. T***o

    Very good product.

  244. A***r

    The goods came frozen it was impossible to paint lips

  245. A***a

    Shit. For fun. Not seriously. Better ordinary lipstick or shine.

  246. R***r

    Very bright, straight cherry-Cherry, tasty smell, persistent

  247. P***e

    Super product

  248. R***m

    Not come, hope come

  249. N***a

    In general, nonsense. Bad to lie on the lips, the teeth remain in the paint, poorly washed off and on the fingers remains. Pinch lips

  250. A***r

    Not bad

  251. A***r

  252. k***a


  253. R***r

    A little not the color, but covered with a film, though not quite even, after 15 minutes the film is removed, and the color remains not bright, but quite pleasant

  254. R***a

    Quality of the product is good, colour as described useful product. Thanks to the seller.

  255. L***v

    Just like in the description.

  256. R***e

    negavau prekės

  257. E***o

    I use the first time. Convenient, once painted and the color lasts all day

  258. v***v

    Tint good
    The film is very bright, but the result is good
    P. S. on the photo result

  259. R***r

    Thank you, I love this tint

  260. D***n

    Bliin, tint is so cool! Tasty smells, holds long and the color is so gentle and cute: 3 Thank you, now I’m in love with tints

  261. d***d

    Very good product

  262. A***r

    Came quickly. Not impressed… although for such money then… The smell is pleasant, it is removed easily, though in one place together with the skin turned out. You need to apply strictly on the lips, if you get a little on the mucosa-badly removed and along with the skin. I took off the film and rubbed with a waffle towel to remove some leftovers-as a result, I erased the color

  263. A***a

    Too much sticky

  264. P***r

    Poor quality.

  265. А***а

    Very strange thing, I did not like

  266. A***r

    The product is extremely thick and sticky, there is no way to apply it on the lips.

  267. I***u

    Negavau in prekės in pinigu

  268. d***d

    Beautifull color

  269. A***r

    do not send.

  270. P***m

  271. o***o

  272. v***a

    The product is satisfied, it was about a month, a very pleasant smell! I recommend

  273. A***u

    All was good. I’m in LOVE with the product.

  274. A***r

    Everything matches

  275. m***e

    dont get!

  276. O***k

  277. S***a

  278. V***a

    Tint came in about a month to apply more smoothly I had to use a brush. On quality like nothing, the color ordered sexy red

  279. E***a

    Lipstick corresponds to its price very not pleasant taste, chemical lipstick hisses when applied, it is impossible to gently apply

  280. R***r

    The parcel went for a long time, but in appearance the goods are pleasant. not yet used

  281. A***a

    Very long delivery-almost 2 months. But everything came intact and according to the description. In principle, it is normal for such a price.

  282. R***r

    Everything is fine, the product is good, but the parcel was not tracked

  283. U***s

    Very fast delivery! Recommend if buying!

  284. E***a

    Tint resistant if you withstand the drying time, and a little after removing the film, for me it is difficult to withstand the drying time 5-10 minutes))))))))), at this point, I did not pay due attention when ordering, also for smooth application to me is much more convenient than the original version, silicone brush, as it was smooth and beautifully applied without it I did not work. In general, I’m happy, only watermelon is too pink, I thought it would be more tender. There is no hickory smell, a little plucks the lips while it dries. Well, of course it dries like any tint, lips will need additional care

  285. O***m

    This is my first tint, so I’m an expert, but it seems nice. On the lips is not felt, the smell after removing the film does not have, it seems to hold well, at least he survived lunch. He could be more nuanced, not so bright pink, but that’s another question.

  286. L***K

    Pts cool!!!

  287. r***r

    Plakt ERG

  288. k***k

    The kapets came as if overdue on the lips with a film do not become and stinks with PVC glue

  289. B***A

    I do not like the texture, nor the mode of use

  290. M***a

    Kleista maź, in general inadequate to lubricate the paragraph. Totalne misunderstanding. Looks like something przestarzałego.

  291. D***n

  292. A***r


  293. E***a

  294. R***r

  295. D***a


  296. v***r

    Glitter cool has not yet tried, but the color is beautiful as in the picture took (lovely Peach)

  297. N***A

    It reached for a month, everything is fine, thank you))

  298. K***k

    Fast Dry hard actually paint mouth before zaschnie and little pleasant fragrance

  299. n***u

    Beautiful very effective, nourishes lips

  300. A***r

    It’s not so good we say

  301. L***a

    Ana derzit Tolko 5min AND it nederzit AND 5min

  302. e***e

    negavau prekes

  303. A***n

  304. v***r

  305. R***a

    Oooochen fast delivery!!!! Everything is gorgeous!

  306. L***a

    The color holds well, but when applied to the lips, the corners of the lips began to scratch

  307. A***k

    Got in 7 weeks-very long.
    Lipstick is cool.
    Happy, thank you.

  308. N***a

    The parcel came to Almaty for a couple of weeks. The order is satisfied, that’s only the color is not the same. And so everything is super recommend.

  309. D***r

    That’s not what you need. Pigment zero

  310. A***a


  311. A***r

    lip dry

  312. E***

  313. A***a

    Very fast shipping, good product, nice smell

  314. O***a

    Norm tint. Only me color did not fit

  315. e***o

    Normal but too long

  316. Z***a

    I didn’t like it. Very thick, badly applied on the lips, stretches on the glue. Due to this, it is poorly distributed over the lips and evenly stains

  317. L***t

    Its good

  318. K***s


  319. S***e

    Never recieve and no refund

  320. A***r

    The goods did not come

  321. S***e

    Never recieve and no refund

  322. A***r

  323. M***i

  324. T***r

    Cool tint, the color is not pretentious. Without a brush, of course, it is not convenient to apply and plus if you like to peel off the lips, then all the flaws will be visible, as the paint in them is clogged.

  325. U***r

    very nice!! have to leave it on for about five minutes but it is good!! fast shipping

  326. v***t

    Very cool lipstick. smeared, take off the film and as if temporary lip tattoo!!! Sponge naturally pink!!! I advise!

  327. D***a

    Strange thing, the taste of bitter (got into the mouth) the smell is not very pleasant, resembles a deshmanian alcove. Used to not use this, so it was difficult to apply. The result is not yet said, because. Just tried it. Shelf life of 2 years (received in 2020). Tube in principle of normal size.

  328. I***a

    Hard zaaplikowac for mouth

  329. T***r

    Super thing, I will order more

  330. S***y

    Delicate color. It came to Mytishchi exactly a month, from the day of the order.

  331. A***r

    I come fast though it burns a little when I apply it

  332. D***o

    Tint is not bad for such a cost, but not always easily removed. But I’m happy

  333. R***r

    I am happy with the delivery very quickly came.

  334. A***r


  335. I***a

  336. S***y

  337. C***s

    It’s not that easy to pull out but it fulfills its purpose, I recommend having lips well hydrated before applying. The result I like very much looks very natural

  338. O***n

    The order was received, it was normal. I liked everything.

  339. B***k

    Very good, but when water hits the lips, the tint is washed off

  340. A***r


  341. A***r

    Cool tint))

  342. A***a


  343. S***a

    The goods did not come. Money returned

  344. v***v

    The goods did not come

  345. V***v

  346. N***k

    Thank you very much order received.

  347. A***a

    product looks good, well secured, smell is terrible but I hope it won’t bother me in using. colours are vibrant and pretty, dry quickly. not used on lips yet

  348. P***k


  349. A***r

    I did not like it very much. i ordered too bright color. and for such a price even excellent

  350. O***n

    In Voronezh came for 2 months and 6 days. Tint does not dry for a long time, but it paints well, it smells chic

  351. v***v

    Tint is not very good quality, I apply hard

  352. L***a

    Smells awesome, I have not tried it yet

  353. A***r

    Consistent with the description

  354. J***e

    I ordered it before, I liked it, I was completely different. Now, when applied, everything sticks and lips burn. Like glue on the lips applied. From the lips does not peel off, everything is smeared. Barely washed this layer. Not kamelfo, in general.

  355. v***v

  356. v***v

    I liked the goods, I went within a month

  357. A***r

    Came very quickly,
    Very cool effect
    Smells baldingly

  358. S***

    My customers love it,I will buy more

  359. S***a

    Nice shine.

  360. M***i

    i received my order after 47days

  361. l***l

    Good came before estimates. But it’s hard to use I don’t where it’s my problem or product’s problem. It’s useless for me

  362. M***

    Product as for me medium. Long dries when applied and zostawia various kinds of coloration on the lips. Color left is not uniform.

  363. R***t

    The order came quickly, very satisfied with the shine

  364. L***a

  365. a***a

  366. A***r

  367. v***u

    I took Cherry, the smell is just bombic. But it is applied with difficulty, because it is very thick, for owners of plump lips will have to adapt. Persistent pigment. With sloppy use will color teeth) in general, very good for its price, delivery just under 2 months

  368. P***a

    The goods unfortunately did not receive, but I am sure that there are no types of seller. I order not the first time, so I can judge the quality of the order. I don’t use it as intended. Tint on the lips dries for a long time, and in general dries for a long time. Color keeps well and long. Thick, not much drains (I use for makeup). I do not know how he is in makeup, but for makeup is great.

  369. v***t

    The product is intact and not damaged, all super, recommend

  370. g***r

    It came in 20 days, very satisfied

  371. o***o

    The goods did not come.

  372. o***o

    Did not come the goods

  373. A***a

  374. E***

    Interesting tint. Put on the lips, left for 10 minutes to dry (most importantly, lips at this time do not wash off, leave your mouth half open) and took off with a light movement of the hand formed a blanket. Lips will pinch when you apply tint. After removing the film, too, there is some feeling of dryness (transparent hygienic lipstick helped out), but keeps for a long time this Plus. Before applying, she did not scrub her lips. The brush was not used, applied as is (though slowly and neatly, dense layer). For 27R chic purchase, however. The whole process in the photo. The color is the same as the picture of the seller. To Moscow the parcel was 2 months old, thrown in a box

  375. Y***a

    Ordered 11.11 came 17.01. Packing is not broken, envelope too. Smells nice, applied easily, dries quickly.

  376. A***y

    It slightly stings lips. Overall it’s not such a bad thing (lipstick).

  377. A***r

    Did not come, although I was very waiting

  378. K***k

  379. S***a

    Lipstick has an unpleasant chemical smell, the lips are very dry, I do not recommend it on injured lips.

  380. A***r

    Product complies with the description.

  381. L***a

    The color is beautiful, holds half a day for sure, the consumption is quite large, but for such a price it is not critical

  382. N***

    Use until it turns out

  383. y***y

    Product du smell good

  384. V***k

  385. E***a

  386. D***e

    I never get there

  387. R***s

  388. Y***s

    THE product arrived on time. THE color is like the description. Thanks to the seller.

  389. B***j

    Very good, arrived very well packaged!!!

  390. A***a

    2,5 months somewhere waited, went to the Omsk region.
    I took it in the mail, not from the box.
    Good pigment, easy to peel off the film, nice pink color.
    I recommend.

  391. s***a


  392. k***n

    Pretty natural it takes 3 min to let dry on the lips

  393. W***a

    Wrong of distributes, glutinous very poor quality

  394. J***a

    One time to have fun. Do not take

  395. A***r

    Very long shipping more than 60 days

  396. I***o

  397. k***n

  398. a***a

  399. f***r

  400. D***z

    The packaging arrived in perfect condition. The color is just like the one I chose. It meets the description.

  401. R***r

    Tint came, sticky on your lips, you smear! Lip gloss does not pull.

  402. T***f

    Very liquid

  403. A***a

    Terrible shine!!!
    How can it be worn?
    More like liquid Plasticine!!!!
    Just throw away…
    Moscow was 2.5 months old

  404. A***a

    Lip gloss beznadziejny, creates as if Poly coating on the mouth, pulls, color very aggressive, with Sexy has nothing

  405. M***l

    It didn’t come. Money returned

  406. a***a

    The goods did not come!

  407. a***a

  408. A***x

  409. R***а

  410. V***o

  411. M***a

  412. M***

    Perfect! Loved

  413. A***r


  414. m***m

    works well

  415. S***h

    Shit product, total scam

  416. L***o

    Not received the product

  417. a***a

  418. W***a

  419. A***o

  420. A***r

  421. C***n

  422. I***a

  423. L***k

  424. T***a

  425. M***e

  426. Y***k

    The order came quickly, 17 days to Kazakhstan. Very nice smell of cherry. On the lips a little burns for the first few minutes, but then normal. The color remains beautiful, but it does not last long.

  427. A***r

    So yourself

  428. V***a

    Very good☺\

  429. V***a

    Very good results even

  430. v***s

    Then from he spoiled what, expected more

  431. R***r

    Fast shipping, but with quality problem. Dries on the lips badly, remains Point

  432. T***o

    Shit, don’t even buy

  433. A***r

    It gives a virus

  434. R***r

    The goods never came

  435. I***n

  436. A***r

  437. S***a

  438. H***a

  439. K***a

  440. A***r

  441. U***r

  442. V***a

  443. g***l

  444. v***v

  445. W***e

  446. L***a

  447. A***a

  448. M***y

  449. A***g

  450. A***m

    There were great hopes for these tints. But e-mine. Of all that I asked for Ali, these are the most unsuccessful. Maybe this is because of the minus on the street, but they came so thick that it is simply impossible to apply, stretch like gum. Have you tried to paint with jelly? That’s right there. And after burning. In addition, the nifig does not remain evenly-10 minutes sit with an open mouth wait until it freezes, as a result half of the lips are unpainted. Take those that are not film, they are more expensive but paint more evenly and at all no burning sensations when applying. I took these tints Who and a cart and now I do not know where to go. Take one by one on the sample, and not immediately all the colors, suddenly you will be more lucky and find an approach to them/or just me really changed. I put all the stars only for the promptness of delivery and that the money was immediately returned. Probably it could be bought as a gift to a teenager, but burning-you need to be ready for it

  451. A***m

  452. R***e

  453. A***r

  454. v***n

  455. R***r

    Tint Super, took the cheapest, but he fire

  456. P***a

    Everything is fine!

  457. f***r

    Hard to applied but works

  458. s***s

    There’s No color left. Doesn’t paint anything.

  459. U***a

    I did not like it! !! Very thick film and not convenient to remove it

  460. s***s

    It doesn’t paint anything. No color left

  461. V***a

  462. K***v

  463. A***r

  464. L***a

  465. k***k

    I did expect more brighter color when you take it off. But the effect is not seen on lips at all:( fast shiping-month

  466. U***m

    I don’t like it.

  467. A***a


  468. a***e


  469. D***e

    I never get anything

  470. a***e

    Found it easier to apply, the pink works well, the Red much mess.

  471. E***a

  472. P***r

  473. o***o

  474. G***a

  475. A***a

  476. a***o

  477. b***a

  478. T***a

  479. R***l

    Well, so

  480. A***r

    No vale nada

  481. i***a

    Shine came dried, the seller returned the money.

  482. a***a

  483. A***n

    Very good

  484. D***t

    No I received my lip gloss and not I received my money. Cheaters! Not kupujcie nothing here. Porażka

  485. K***e

  486. v***v

  487. L***r

    Do not recommend

  488. E***k

  489. A***r

  490. a***i

  491. G***a

  492. D***a

  493. N***a


  494. A***r


  495. K***

    Very good product

  496. A***k

  497. J***e

  498. A***r

  499. AliExpress Shopper

    The smell of cherry, bright color on the lips, expected a little darker.

  500. Y***p

    On the lips “Lovely peach”, like a good tint, the first time I use, apply hard, but it is important to apply a smooth layer, otherwise after removing the film these missed places will be visible. The smell is not bad, not nasty, the colors seem to match. For this money is very good

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