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Face Skin EMS Mesotherapy Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Facial LED Photon Skin Care Device Face Lift Tighten Beauty Machine

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About the product:

–Face&Neck Nutrition Nourishing,remove Acne,shrink Pore, Anti-wrinkle,Tightening,Whitening

–nonporous mesotherapy: using a special pulse occurred by the double-clicked current , directly lead the nutrition into the dermal layer of the skin.

–Electroporation import: special currents activate the skin cells, make the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer.10 times increase the skin absorption!

–RF current: high-frequency electrical resistance heating, effective at improving sagging skin,aging wrinkles, promote lymphatic and blood circulation and other care.

–LED phototherapy: repair and heal the mirco gaps of the electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy ultra- fine skin, the skin pores and has calming anti-inflammatory effect.


EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation), Mesoporation, Electroporation, RF( Radio Frequency), LED


Four elements are used to ensure that the electrical current works randomly and stimulates the muscle tissue very gently causing a secondary muscular movement that preserves the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.


Introducing beauty essence into your skin

This beauty machine is used for collagen injection without a needle. Macromolecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot easily penetrate the deeplayer of the skin from the surface. But with our special technology called “Electroporation” you can achieve a high level of effectiveness without any pain.


Nutrition import penetration compared with ions from the skin surface is1mm about 10 times, 4mm about 27 times. The active ingredients into the skin. Which can function efficiently, so you really feel the skin improvement and delay aging effect.


For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation. Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue. This is another feature of Dr. Arrivo that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin.


For treatment of acne lesions. It works efficiently without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment.


1.Use 3 times per week for 10minutes each time.

2.easy to carry,can be held in the hand.

3.suit for uv-damaged,acne-prone,blemished skin,soften the lines and wrinkles, prevent the ageing skin problem,against pigmentation skin.

4.suit for :face/bridge of the nose/forehead/chin/eyebag and the wrinkle care. LED light is used to provide a painless skin-care treatment that plumps up skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild to moderate acne.

5 Lights can solve skin problem: red light(620nm):Promote collagen regeneration, skin elasticity, fit for wrinkled skin. green light(520nm):Applied to suppress skin melanin to whiten skin. blue light(415nm):Remove acne,shrink pore,improve the skin grease,eliminate and restrian the bacteria of the pore. yellow light(590nm):Soomthe the skin,brighten,prevent allergy. pink light(700nm):Whiten the skin,fit for dull complex skin. pink flashing:Strengthen absorption of the beauty liquid or gel.

how to use:

1.Insert the USB cable connector into the device.

2.Clean your face,apply serum or cream on your face.

3.Press the POWER switch to adjust the intensity level. press once means intensity level 1; twice/third/four/five times means level 2/3/4/5; six times powers off the device. 4.Press LED SEL. button to select different LED light. press once is Red light; twice/three/four/five/six times is Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Flashing Pink; seven times to turn off the led light mode.

5.Move the device slowly to your face. The device will automatically shut off after 10minutes of use.

Tips:Read the manual carefully before use.

Package Includes:

1 x RF EMS beauty instrument

1 x USB

1 x Charger Base

1 x English manual



Additional information

Brand Name


Power Source

Rechargeable Battery




Facial Clean, Galvanic Ion +/-, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Mouisture

Manufacturing Process

Hand Made


RF & EMS Beauty Instruction



500 reviews for Face Skin EMS Mesotherapy Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Facial LED Photon Skin Care Device Face Lift Tighten Beauty Machine

  1. C***A

    He’s arrived sooner than expected, in 10 days
    It’s for a gift so i can’t give an objective assessment now. What i can highlight is good communication with the seller

  2. F***a

    The parcel came very quickly, everything is well packed, works, everything is whole. Until i tried in action, then i will write whether there is an effect

  3. s***o

    For damaged packaging the seller returned the money, very decent, i recommend

  4. V***r

    I received it in 12 days in tact. I am charging as asked. Thank you for the Seller. Hope it is useful.

  5. i***n

    I do remember not or t works but came fairly quickly to

  6. J***s

    Perfect condition and consistent with the description. Shipment dotarła very quickly (15 days). Shipment very well package. Device works perfectly and meets my expectations. Recommend goods and salesman 🙂

  7. P***r

    Product is exactly as described by seller, already used and enjoyed. Fast delivery was well also.

  8. M***s

  9. O***r

    Very satisfied with the purchase! I got exactly what i wanted! A good polite seller himself got in touch and asked if everything was ok, which is very nice, thank you. The massager was brought very quickly-in 2,5 weeks straight home. I already tried several times, it seems to me that the effect is, but still it’s definitely early to speak. I recommend!

  10. D***e

    just a little problem with charger spin…its blocking see picture

  11. A***n

    The product as in the description, has not yet tried, i’ll try to add a tip. The device arrived with a charge, turned on immediately, the modes change. I will study the instruction and try

  12. F***o

    Hello ordered the 15/07 already received today the 25/07 so 10 days super fast shipping, I put it to charge, now more than test

  13. A***o

    Thank you very much to the seller for the fast shipment!!! Very satisfied with the goods, the box is not much deformed, with the device everything is in order! I recommend the seller, the device is just class!!!!

  14. A***r

  15. A***r

  16. A***l

  17. N***k

    Fast shipping, in Poland in 3 weeks, it is necessary to use gel ultrasound. Recommend!

  18. e***a

    Arrived as the schedule. Well packed and all working.

  19. A***r

    never received my order seller offered 50% refund, refunded by Ali Express
    thanks to ALI EXPRESS

  20. e***n

    good quality, use already

  21. A***r

    Thank you very much!! Sooo fast delivery and the seller is very attentive!!!

  22. C***r

    It came in very good condition and much earlier than expected, so far everything ok

  23. H***t

  24. S***M

  25. f***r

    Still not tested but arrived very fast

  26. A***r

    The item arrived in perfect condition well packed and works correctly, i don’t know what the results will be like yet i didn’t test it with products as it should be, if the results are noted after several sessions i will leave my positive comment again. The shipment arrived in less than a month to argentina.

  27. C***f


  28. A***v

    Thanks to the seller for the fast delivery, for the quality goods. Brought to the apartment courier. Bought for 1156 rubles. To be honest, it is not enough in this device believed and what will be the result. But girls, this device is just a miracle. After receiving immediately tried on the hand. Oh, my god, the wrinkles were smoothed out of the first procedure. The tingling power is adjustable, the backlight is also for different purposes. In the instructions there is no russian language, dialed in youtube, all looked at the video. The hand was anointed with gel, only then you feel tingling and heat from the red light radiation at the device. Super! I will rejuvenate! Take it, girls, you will not regret it! In cosmetic salons these procedures are very expensive! Definitely recommend!

  29. N***A

  30. O***e

    Received, thanks to the seller! I tried once with serum, tingling is felt, but not like mechanical mesotherapy, significantly soft lungs!

  31. O***a

    The device received in three weeks. Came loaded. All colors work. At each color, different momentum is given. For two times it is difficult to say about the lifting effect, but i can definitely say that the complexion improves immediately. You need a conductive gel, or moisturize the face, other water-based products, so that the current is conducted. Next, i will add a review after the expiration of time.

  32. E***e

    Arrived much earlier than expected. I will be able to test this product, now! Thank you for the speed of your sending

  33. Y***v

    The goods brought the courier, a month later, i will write how it works

  34. A***r

    The product came well at first sight. Now you have to try it.

  35. V***a

    Came quickly. Works i’m happy. Thank You

  36. H***e

    Product excellent quality very attentive fast shipping

  37. A***r

    It’s very good. it’s my second purchase. gift for a friend. It worked for me and that’s why i recommend it. Fine lines are considerably reduced in a short time. wrinkles are also quite tenuous. Delivery is very fast. Excellent seller. 100% recommended.

  38. j***o

    Works all right.

  39. A***l

    Like the result

  40. b***b

    Only the lights work. There are no pulses, even if I put in on level 5 of intensity.

  41. g***a

    Amazing product arrived super fast now loaded and the battery last time I loved

  42. l***a

    The device works: shines and tingles if you drive on wet skin.

  43. A***r

  44. D***e

    Naudoju Dar nedaug laiko, Tai negaliu pasakyti Koks bus poveikis. Aparatas veikia puikiai, naudoju Su hialurono serumu iš Ali

  45. A***r

    My order came faster than i expected. In good condition and equal to that of the photo. I still need to test it to verify the results, but so far so good.

  46. A***r

    the delivery is fast. All came in in good condition. Trying it and it feels working.

  47. A***r

    I don’t have the product by mistake on delivery by mail, i don’t have mail or aliexprees refund either.

  48. A***a

    Not yet try dmage the manual is in English

  49. C***a

    Very good! Works perfectly very cool!

  50. M***m

    The goods were delivered to st. petersburg for 2 weeks. When i try, i will add a tip.

  51. L***z

    I arrive before expected time!, great

  52. S***e

    Very good purchase, I am very satisfied.

  53. c***u

    Delivery very fast, i like the product thank you

  54. M***n

  55. v***p

    Bought 22/07/19 and arrived on 22/08/10, with tracking code and no mail fee, still not tested the product, but arrived in perfect condition!

  56. A***s

    Received. Turn it on at all levels, now you have to try it to see if it works on your face.

  57. A***r

    Excellent product

  58. A***r

    The merchandise’s not here yet.

  59. A***s

    Received. Turn it on at all levels, now you have to try it to see if it works on your face.

  60. D***e

    all good.

  61. M***g

    Shipping fast and well as

  62. E***A

  63. S***a

  64. A***r

    I arrive in a record time and in good condition thanks to the seller who sent it before time

  65. L***a

    I extirpai article seems completely useless no efficiency

  66. L***f


  67. U***e

    Everything is ok, parcel came little bit later than it should and sellers communication was very good

  68. M***a

    very good quality product, fast delivery

  69. m***s

  70. A***r

    Arrived fast, came a little mixed box but not damage the device.

  71. I***E

    Arrived faster than expected
    A fear at first because the cardboard was pressed but everything is fine
    Crimped once we will see in the long run
    I recommend the seller

  72. A***r

  73. C***a

    Came in perfect condition recommend parabens obgda

  74. B***r

    Perfect, arrived very well packed, extreme confidence, all lights work, each has a goal. Bought by the Facebook group. # SuperDicas Official ..

  75. A***r

    Product very well packed. He arrived in chile in 2 weeks. Excellent product and seller. Now it’s just to prove it.

  76. A***r

    I am very satisfied! Delivery was really more than I expected! Now will use!



  77. A***r

  78. p***p

    The product arrived very fast, arrived in good condition well packed, very compliant, i just need to prove it.

  79. v***a

    The device works fine, the effect i think will be. I’ll write later.

  80. s***i


  81. m***a

  82. a***o

    The massager delivered the courier, delivery standard-month. Tried on myself and ready to write a review. Purchased hardware cosmetics and on the way. immediately cleanse the peeling face, then apply serum to the whole face (and neck, and décolleté) to soak and then apply gel for the hardware procedure and drive the device along the massage lines. So when i drive on my forehead, then during the pulse it is visible how wrinkles are reduced. After the session, i make a mask. 3 procedures have passed, the results to talk is still early. But i recommend the device unequivocally.

  83. M***l

    It’s just arrived na product today.. It’s intact and fast shipment.. I will give feedback again after I try it.

  84. A***E

  85. n***e

    Like the photo, works very well

  86. M***l

  87. V***o

    Quality is good. No damage in the box when i received it. Seller is very fast to reply with my questions. Highly recommended seller

  88. A***x

    Very fast delivery, received at the post office. Everything works. I tried on the hand, even on the second level, pulses are felt.

  89. M***e

    really happy with product

  90. N***r


  91. v***v

    It came. Everything seems to glow. True instructions on english. Language and it is unclear how to work with this device. Mom is happy. Let’s see how much will work. The parcel was tracked, it came exactly a month later.

  92. A***r

    Received and all perfect! Seller is excellent!

  93. A***r

    Came a week for 3. the box was very wrinkled, afraid that the device was broken. But he was a worker. The current beats, different colors glow. About efficiency i can not say anything, but the sensations are pleasant 🙂

  94. A***r

    Very good

  95. B***a

    The only thing was i ordered it with a box and i just got the packaging box from where they send it. i wanted the original box, but for the rest everything super good i still don’t use it later i’ll tell you

  96. A***r

    Exactly as in the description, everything works, the effect is. I advise you. I’ll order more for the body.

  97. N***j

    Beautiful perfect

  98. A***r

    Arrived right. But in my opinion should have bought without the box, because the same came very mixed

  99. j***o


  100. C***z

  101. B***r

    Just arrived properly and early. Still not tested to see if it works, but thanks anyway.

  102. A***a

    Not yet tried

  103. o***o

    Received quickly, the goods of good quality, everything breaks. Effect yet i do not know, only once did

  104. A***r

    The led is not working

  105. P***S

  106. A***r

    Very fast shipping to Italy, try it ! Works , all perfect . Thanks

  107. f***i

    Good product

  108. A***r

    It does what it promises. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  109. A***r

  110. L***a

    Walked for a long time. More than a month. Neatly packed. Instruction in english. Everything works. We’ll try.

  111. I***n

    Delivery is very fast!
    Need usb adapter for 500ma charging

  112. E***v

    Someone to explain to me how it works?

  113. A***n

    He arrived fast and in good condition, only need to prove if it works

  114. T***s

    Looks not fragile. Testing to see if really works.

  115. M***

    Bravissimi! Very good seller and excellent product!
    Free rapidissima!
    Thank You

  116. J***a


  117. j***o


  118. L***r

  119. T***a

  120. m***a

    Device very beautiful, working properly still not used to the result, received fast less than 20 days and or not paid a fee
    Excellent seller very attentive without doubt

  121. A***e

    Ótimo produto

  122. p***y

    Will send to a number of residence nonexistent

  123. L***s

    fast delivery

  124. S***.

    Haven’t used it enough to see how it works. Will leave additional feed back later, if I see any positive results..

  125. B***i

    Perfect Is already room product acquire… Fantastic… Store excellent, super indicate. Super point for people already do home treatment with beauticians and want to finish the procedure. Very easy handling.

  126. j***o


  127. B***i


  128. g***u

    Delivery month. Everything is intact. On 2 mode, the red color of the face twitches. After one application of the result is not visible. I found the video that this procedure is not so safe, now i think to use or not.

  129. y***i

    great product and fast shipping everything is perfect thank you

  130. ***o

    Fast delivery, according to the description, the quality is good. Purchase is satisfied with the seller thanks.

  131. I***h

  132. L***o

    I got it very fast, it was a vibration and I think 4 different levels of intensity when I first turn on , but half hour later I try again and nothing just lightning! It’s broke that fast????? I’m sending this to seller so wondering how he deals with that I’m very disappointed and will post what seller actions will be.

  133. S***s

    received pretty quick, will be using today!!!! Thanks

  134. I***o

    The device not allowed for person with hypertension. heart disease, pregnant women, some skin disease. The seller did not inform

  135. R***l

    I will try

  136. N***k

    I did the procedure on the red glow. Used snail cream. Heat and current on the face knocks. After 10 minutes, it turns off-this is 1 procedure. The charge after the procedure remained. The effect is. I advise you.

  137. n***n

    22 days in cyprus.
    It looks expensive. everything works. easy to use. made with ampoule serum. unusual sensations of course, shchikotno-dergayushiesya still today ordered a special ultrasonic gel for this massager more. thanks to the seller!
    P.s on youtube there are many videos about the benefits of this thing

  138. A***r

    Exelent, works and super well packed

  139. M***n

    Arrived in perfect condition and super fast yet not tested

  140. A***s

    Arrived very well and fast, yet am testing skin but than exprimentei think 5 stars!

  141. A***r

    It works well. i don’t know the result. i’ll have to post it later.

  142. R***o

  143. A***r

  144. E***a

    Chic device! It feels tingling, it was not long.

  145. S***l

    Just like the image needs to prove it. Thank you.

  146. N***o

    Yes such as which came in perfect condition in your little box now tap test it and see results

  147. A***r

  148. O***a

    I ordered it in a box. Everything came exactly as in the description. Colors change, does not slow down. As for work and results, i can not answer. But i will definitely add a tip.

  149. I***i

    Arrived well ahead of time, came with damage both charger Qto the device itself. Would really a solution to my problem. Awaiting a brief contact.

  150. C***h

  151. O***a

    I ordered it in a box. Everything came exactly as in the description. Colors change, does not slow down. As for work and results, i can not answer. But i will definitely add a tip.

  152. M***t

    Super Seller, very fast shipping

  153. S***a

    Very good.

  154. A***r

  155. E***n

    Nice tool, lies well in hand, easy to work. Condition only not so firmly in the charger/holder, should ensure that IE not falls off.

  156. G***g

  157. A***r

    Shipping fast packing is good. While everything works. Instruction in english. The order is satisfied. I’ll write about the results later. Need to use with serum.

  158. D***I

    I arrive fast and in good condition but i don’t know what product to apply to use it, use with cream and i burn a little

  159. a***d

    I arrive perfect packing and it works very well

  160. A***i

    highly recommend the seller!!! Super fast shipping!! Received the order in 14 Days!!! Ill add a feedback after using this

  161. f***f

    In general, everything is fine, a little store button, but not critical

  162. E***a

    The device works will be tested.

  163. e***e

  164. E***a

    Everything works fine. There are microcurrents, the thing is cool

  165. v***o

    Everything came, the packaging is whole, later i will add a tip, as soon as i try.

  166. f***r


  167. A***r

  168. A***O

    Good item

  169. A***r


  170. S***s

  171. L***t

  172. d***n

    Loved! Arrived in about 15 days, works perfectly all LEDs and also the choquinhos. Used with glycerin and my skin super soft <3

  173. M***s

    Sent very fast an exact month to mexico, it works perfectly thanks

  174. d***o

    The packet has arrive with good condition,but why it felt electro static if we used in the face and it increase everytime we increase the power?

  175. P***Z

  176. A***s

  177. T***i

    The device came in a box, the box was slightly wrinkled. the device works, there are results on the skin, the device really liked, then what you need to work with the face of the house. I recommend the seller, as well as the store. 5 Stars!!!

  178. M***E


  179. D***a

  180. j***o


  181. S***s

  182. A***r

  183. I***e

  184. T***a

    The track was not tracked, worried, was surprised to call from The Courier. the goods went through Moscow (cdek) delivered the courier. I ordered in the box it is a pity that I came very wrinkled (and if without the box, could damage when transporting)
    , Good for yourself, not as a gift. the device works. the device
    Was charged immediately began to use with hyaluronic gel (dries quickly) it is necessary to buy another. i will add a tip after a month of use

  185. T***s

    It’s feels as though it’ is shocking me when I move it in a circular motion on my skin. Not sure if I am using it right.

  186. b***z

  187. E***a

    Took for 1400. Well packed, nice RF massage. Delivery to Yaroslavl 1 month.

  188. A***a

    Don’t waste money. Efficiency zero.

  189. A***a

    Using and loving

  190. o***a

    It seems to work, I feel impulses, and I want to believe in it

  191. j***o


  192. U***r

    I haven’t used it yet but it came in perfect condition and turns on just fine. Easy to turn on and off. Looks just like the photos.

  193. S***v

    Packaging leaves much to be desired. The device is still testing.

  194. L***s

    Arrived fast just not know the result still

  195. K***a

    I got my order but why I
    Don’t feel nothing? or should I apply something? I did on dry

  196. A***r

    Excellent Product 🙂

  197. A***r

  198. O***k

  199. S***a

    Very Satisfied

  200. U***x

    The product arrived before the date indicated, good product, arrived in perfect condition. Thank you salesman.

  201. c***a

    Very Fast Delivery 1 month, I’ll try it and tell you! The box in perfect condition and also the machine, everything works well.

  202. j***o


  203. r***r

  204. f***e

    cargo come to turkey 11 days ı didnt try yet ı will back comment when ı use thank you very much for fast cargo also ı pay 10$ customs duty.

  205. A***v

    Corresponds to the description

  206. s***s

  207. j***a

    The box came crumpled. This has nothing to do with the seller. Tried once — it feels like it works. But I can not say anything about any results.

  208. S***s

  209. L***o

  210. R***o

    Happy with the purchase, very good material and well done, I will return to purchase R

  211. A***

    Works. It is still early to result.

  212. a***a

    Thank you seller, very good item, fast delivery thank you.

  213. A***s

    Like the description! Know about the result, after some time use

  214. i***n

    Only received. poek like)

  215. j***o


  216. V***a

    Haven’t used yet, but it came extremely fast and all is working.

  217. k***y

    I received my device) the parcel went long, a month, received it at the post office. Came in intact, the box was not crumpled, everything works. Well, will the effect be seen. I will add feedback later.

  218. A***r

    Very satisfied with the product, very good momentum for the shipping. Thank you.

  219. I***o

    The device is just super

  220. n***I

    Ne vibre pas et ne bouge pas

  221. F***r

    I never received the product and I was not even reimbursed

  222. A***r

  223. V***a

    Highly recommended this seller. Very good to communicate and very fast in replying. Definitely going to be my favourite seller

  224. A***r

  225. f***r

    Exact product description, it took less than 1 month to arrive in Santiago de Chile, now remains to test it, and see results, I’ll write if it works in a week, very kind seller and answer all doubts.

  226. c***o

    The product does not arrive and appears as delivered

  227. b***b

  228. j***o


  229. H***b

    It is really working for me i am happy quality very good thank you seller

  230. I***d

    I ‘ve unfortunately nothing get

  231. E***h

  232. J***a

    It works perfectly.

  233. a***s

    Gives not pleasant current yet with gel, it is soon to see results

  234. G***z

    Very well packed. With all the elements. I haven’t used it yet to check results but it works properly.

  235. C***e

    Not received the goods

  236. L***o

  237. g***y

    The device is just super, everything works, beautiful, packed in a beautiful box. The effect of microcurrents is felt. I will add a review on the results. After the procedure, in the morning the face is not as swollen as before.

  238. F***r

    The product was accurate to the description, arrived quickly to Chile and works beautifully

  239. g***a

    Recommend, you can see the difference

  240. K***s

  241. M***a

    Fantastic device.Already after the first application I noticed the reduction of wrinkles.
    Thank you so very much-
    I recommend this seller

  242. j***o


  243. E***n

    Hi! Finally received your order! Beautiful design, everything works, has not yet tried in work. Thank you very much to the seller. Prosperity to you!!!

  244. L***s

    The product works well, but the seller packs with a box and a very small bubble plastic that goes loose, instead of packing it well. I’m gonna be perar to see if in a few months it’s still working for me, since the wrapper is painful and you can see suffered on the trip to Spain!

  245. L***e

    Gavau Labai GreTai. Patenkinta. Ačiū.

  246. A***r

    Fast shipping and works perfectly

  247. C***y

  248. I***a

    Got, really like, after the procedure easy tingling and some movement on the skin of the face

  249. A***o

    I arrive in 10 days. Very well packaged.

  250. V***a

    A good thing, tried immediately, took a hyaluronic gel instead of the proposed gels, wonderful, pass small amounts of current, the voltage is regulated by five steps. I am happy with the purchase, I detained almost half a month at the customs office, so it would come on time. Although the box was packed but apparently from the impact broke inside the transport plastic packaging, as if football played, but the equipment is intact and works well, even was loaded.

  251. J***s

    Arrived well packed in 18 days and charge.

  252. A***r

    Very good product. The effect with a gel cream is surprising.

  253. R***r

    It came quickly, checked it works, I will add later feedback

  254. N***a

    Thank you for the fast delivery. Everything works, it remains only to check in the case.)

  255. M***z

    It looks really good, I’m waiting for the gel, to say that such is

  256. M***a

    The parcel went a little over a month. Delivery is not by courier, received by mail. Packed well. Everything works. We will wait for a miracle). Thanks to the seller.

  257. N***t

    Thank You for the services, Impressive product.

    But the product delivery speed is not as mention on the portal, logistic delivery speed is very poor,

  258. G***g

  259. C***e

  260. A***

    Thank you very much to the seller. The quality is excellent everything works.

  261. O***a

    The goods were received at the post office. It was a month. The device works, put on charging, charged. I’ll try with the gel. Photo instructions attached. Thank you seller!!!

  262. A***l

    Omggg what an amazing item it works really well with my serums buy without any hesitation you won’t regret I can guarantee in the beginning it was tingling I dint understand the reason then I red the instructions again and I realized I’m not applying enough of my serum so when I applied my serums on my face and used this device omggg I worked amazingly I felt vibration under my muscles I must recommend this to everyone it’s an amazing device you won’t get this kind of item on such price

  263. k***m

    All seem to be working ok! The settings are very clear in the flier. Received yesterday after 3-4 weeks!

  264. B***t

  265. l***o

    Like the photo. This charging in time. Arrived without damage.

  266. M***V

    The first time came the order very quickly. I did not even expect it. I received the parcel on my birthday.

  267. A***z

  268. B***.

  269. A***r

    Excellent work right

  270. L***a

    I order the second one. Now a friend as a gift. The result itself is satisfied, let it be pleased. Delivery by courier to the house.

  271. P***a

    Shipping to UK in 2 weeks. Product consistent with the description and pictures. Works very well. Recommend salesman and I will make shopping again in store.

  272. r***r

    I have not tried it yet, everything works, everything is like in the description, the quality of the goods is excellent, it came with full charge. I ordered without a box, everything came qualitatively packed. I hope it will be good. Thank you for the fast delivery.

  273. O***a

    The goods received soon. I use 3 times a week. I’ll report the results later.

  274. S***z

    Excellent product,

    Using and seeing good results on my skin.

  275. D***

    It works pretty good. Just like in the pictures.

  276. A***h

  277. R***a

    Delivered quickly, packed well, works fine

  278. A***a

    Very quickly brought, works.

  279. M***a

    Reçu rapidement

  280. R***r

    The device was well packed, in working order. Delivery is fast. I recommend. So far, just started to use, the results to talk early

  281. A***r

    Very satisfied

  282. j***o


  283. R***a

  284. S***s

  285. C***s

    Small and lightweight. I just started to use it so I can’t tell if really makes any difference but has been fun to incorporate it in my beauty routine.

  286. E***r

    It works. I haven’t tried it on my face but turn on

  287. D***a

  288. j***a

  289. V***a

    Delivery 3 weeks by courier. The device is very convenient, light, did the procedure on the active gel. easy tingling with currents. The skin looks really bright, tangible lifting effect. The seller is polite, answered, worried. I highly recommend.

  290. T***a

    Delivery literally 3 days before St. Petersburg

  291. R***s

    Just wonderful. Recommend!

  292. C***r

    Already tasted.

  293. s***a

    Works! Came for a couple of weeks. Thank you!!!

  294. M***a

  295. L***a

    3 weeks went, everything works, the courier delivered to the House, the seller thanks 10 +

  296. g***r

    It came in 20 days, the packaging was strongly wrinkled but all the whole, the Aparat is fully charged

  297. I***k

    Very satisfied. Already tested. After the first time, the skin looks more elastic. I think, with regular use-it will be an excellent result.

  298. S***s

  299. S***e


  300. A***r

    The goods are satisfied, the order was delivered in 5 days to Moscow, super simple!!!

  301. g***e

    Great. Worth buying.

  302. R***r

  303. L***V

    Well, just super! This has not happened yet! The parcel came in two!! Day! Everything turns on, but did not try yet, thank you very much to the seller!!! This is the job! Everybody would work like that. Milion stars!!!

  304. A***y

    The parcel was not long before Moscow. everything is neatly packed. When checking everything works, thank you very much to the seller!!!

  305. s***y

    I highly recommend the product is very successful

  306. s***s

    Need ultrasound fluid. The current beats-it’s for sure. She held the eyelid over her eye. Acne did not help and even seemed to worsen the situation

  307. M***v

    Thank you very much to the seller I will ask again with the
    I’m all right.

  308. B***r

    Received the product super fast and have started using. Am loving.

  309. I***k

    The device is in working order and corresponds to the description. Packed in a cardboard box without extra wrapper. Delivery by courier at home 10 days.
    Serum absorbed very quickly, so movement on the skin is difficult. It is better to use RF gel or oily cream.

  310. e***l

    Will Test to give a post feed back! While all OK! Lack experience!

  311. s***o

    Everything is perfect. I recommend 100% to this seller

  312. L***a

    I liked the product very much! I tried in action. Good impulse, it can be adjusted. Delivery 1 month to Sakhalin. I recommend!

  313. E***O

    very happy, works very well

  314. m***a


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  316. V***a

    Yak CE is not wonderful, ale efect is. Обличчя злегка підтягується, виглядає тугішим.

  317. A***a

    Winner excellent I ocean am very satisito

  318. E***a

    The goods came whole, all modes work. When touching the skin warms and plucks. I tried twice, there is an effect, the skin becomes better.

  319. h***h

    I arrive very fast. well packed. works to perfection.

  320. T***z

    Ótimo produto

  321. R***a

    Still not tested. Arrived very well packed and the seller is amazing. Recommend too this store.

  322. c***d

  323. T***b

  324. A***r

  325. J***a

    The product corresponds to the description, in Latvia it was 17 days. The seller wrote immediately and how he received the money and how he sent the order and immediately upon receipt by me. A beautiful box, a nice device in the hand. Everything turns on, works. I can not say anything about efficiency, I have not tried it yet.

  326. L***a

    I ordered 29.11. In Tatarstan the parcel came 15.12. The seller sent the goods once. Everything is in working order. Impulses are felt. Purchase is satisfied))

  327. A***r

  328. O***A

    This is definitely not RF but it is exactly microcurrent therapy and additional color treatment. About color treatment read on the Internet. It came to me all the whole delivery by courier. Looks super. Everything works. I used a week with gel aloe from Garnier added water on my face when I dried up. Increase Power is an increase in current. At 5 made a face on 3 forehead and eyes. The forehead is cool walking muscles work. All heads should fit tightly to the face at the same time. I want to say after a week of use that the device works. Smoothes wrinkles on the forehead and tightens. Forehead as a wash of Botox. Oval face also tightened but if you specifically need an oval you should do all the same RF lifting real or this device longer and more often. I’m happy with the salon procedure at my house. Thanks to the seller. I love you.

  329. e***u

    I haven’t used it yet but it look good , quality is good as well will update later

  330. V***a

    All the lights and vibrations work. Well packed and arrived pretty fast. I have to try more to see if he does what he promises.

  331. g***d

  332. U***r

    This company has been so horrible. I order 3 sample products to get ads made and modeled and I go ahead and have the site built and I was supposed to get these things before Black friday. Ok Today is december 18th and I’ve gotten 1 of the 3 packages. And ANOTHER mask from them. Out of the 4 items I’ve gotten ONE of them. After ali express did and sided with me the company refuses to check it to return my money. They’re letting the 30 day clock run out just to be spiteful. When I pointed out Ali express had called the number for them and found out I was right and I just wanted them to resend me the stuff i paid for and id pay the shipping again, or refund my money like ali express said or I was going to leave them a bad review for every product. They sent me a Smiley emoticon so here I am. Don’t purchase from this company. There’s way better places to buy this mask where they’ll actually send it to you. Try Semlamp.

  333. M***o

  334. j***o


  335. A***r

    The parcel came very quickly. Pleasantly unexpected))

  336. N***a

    Description accurate. Delivery fast IML. I recommend.

  337. j***o


  338. e***h

  339. C***s

  340. v***v

    The seller is a big respect for fast delivery! I do not know how this device will be in business, I will hope that the effect will be positive. Packing is good, do not be ashamed to give.

  341. N***a

    I took it without a box. It came well packed, without damage. Charge holds. The skin feels warm and tingling.

  342. k***k

    Still not used, but arrived in perfect condition.

  343. f***r

    Delivery 3 days, Courier! Everything works, microbes on the hand are felt and without a conductor, charging goes, I did not try it yet, I wait for the gel! All Super, thank you very much to the seller!;)

  344. a***v

  345. S***a

  346. J***i

  347. A***r

    It has the led light, it doesn’t really show if it’s working. No sound. But it seems to be working since blue light is on the screen and can change the LED light.

  348. j***o


  349. A***y

  350. s***e

  351. S***n

    My order came quickly from the day I expected to Turkey but I paid 16 liras tax it seemed like the picture did not try well but more.

  352. E***l

    Very fast delivery

  353. l***a

  354. J***z

  355. A***a

  356. G***s

  357. J***a

  358. A***a

    We haven’t tried it, but it looks really good. It took so little to get home.

  359. A***r

    Thank the seller for the fast delivery! The device looks good, there were problems with the base, but the seller offered
    Send a replacement. I have not tried in action yet.
    I recommend ordering from this seller!

  360. L***n

    Thank you. Fast shipping. Everything works. Not yet used. I recommend.

  361. O***a

    Everything works) currents) I know how effective, I use a week, nothing has changed)

  362. o***a

    Great. Everything works.

  363. j***o


  364. A***r

  365. Q***a

  366. A***v

    Super fast shipping!

  367. p***1

  368. U***r

  369. L***I

  370. T***e

  371. Y***o

  372. R***r

    The goods came to the Perm region for 10 days!!! Such speed is very pleasing! True instruction is not in the Russian language, I will understand.

  373. N***a

    The goods came within a month, everything is fine, I will believe that the result will not force myself

  374. L***c


  375. S***a

    Fantastic product. Wonderful seller. Thank you.

  376. j***o


  377. A***o

  378. O***z

  379. I***Z

  380. E***a

  381. M***u

  382. A***r

  383. d***a


  384. O***a

  385. e***a

  386. A***r

    it took 25 days from placing order to arrive in Jakarta Indonesia.
    the tools as described. charging dock also working. its great call to buy with box. Box was dented in many places seems dropped multiple times (Seller should really put “fragile” stickers on boxes)
    First before it comes i was skeptical. but when i tried its really not just flashing lights. you can really feel the current it emitted.
    I just tried it once with my regular night cream so ill leave more review later after 2weeks or a month.
    so far, i feel really satisfied because it works good 4 stars because It took so long to get to me.

  387. U***i

    Received the parcel! I will study the instructions! The parcel was almost two months old

  388. A***r

  389. A***r


  390. b***b

  391. j***s

  392. M***z

  393. U***r

    Until I used to look like everything. but I thought he was a little more.

  394. A***v

    Package will reach avlena quickly

  395. A***r

  396. O***a

  397. A***r

  398. K***i

  399. M***n

  400. S***r


  401. n***o

  402. A***r

  403. B***s

  404. R***a

    I ordered two at once, myself and for a gift to my sister, we will try, later I will add. And so everything works

  405. D***s

    Seems very good. Can feel on skin.

  406. A***r

  407. V***a

  408. M***N

    Just like the picture and description. It turns on and works. Now you just have to expect me to offer the results you promise.

  409. A***r

  410. P***n

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  412. A***o

  413. c***s

  414. A***r

  415. T***s

  416. R***r

    The device is beautiful!!!!!! Arrived very well packed. As efficiency device still not say. Back After used. Great seller. Recommend and intend to buy it again.

  417. M***y

    This is a fantastic gadget and I am hoping it will make a difference. I’m afraid that it is too early to say as I have only used it once!

  418. A***r

    I like it

  419. L***a

    Everything came, but somehow there is no result. Shipping fast

  420. z***z

    Too hard to get there. Over 3 months. And they wouldn’t give me an answer. The product is good.

  421. V***a

    The device was not sent, transportation was canceled. The money was returned quickly within 2 days.

  422. Y***h

  423. M***r

  424. S***a

  425. N***a

    Good seller and fast delivery by SDEC) Thanks!!! Again I will buy)))

  426. A***r

    The goods came, everything works well

  427. y***l

    The product came in rows, everything is working, the packaging is not very, the box bent, but nothing happened, the seller recommend

  428. E***a

    Everything is fine sorry there is no instruction in the Russian language

  429. M***a

  430. A***r

  431. g***g

  432. A***r

    I opened a dispute but the goods came up I closed it

  433. I***a


  434. M***

    Very good

  435. U***r

  436. t***n

  437. M***a

  438. E***y

  439. D***s

  440. N***s

  441. c***c

  442. A***r

  443. L***a

    Delivery is fast, 2 weeks.
    Everything is fine in the case did not try, I’m waiting for the gel

  444. p***r


  445. A***r

  446. A***n

  447. A***v

  448. s***s

  449. P***o

  450. D***r

  451. A***r

  452. D***v

  453. A***a

    There were problems with the track, the seller re-sent. Not tracked, but came pretty quickly. The seller is sociable, while everything works, turns on. Add after use

  454. L***a

    The device is good, came very quickly. Thank you very much to the seller.

  455. L***a

    All modes work. Thank you

  456. M***c

    Item as descibed.Fast delivery.

  457. M***a

    Everything works! I recommend

  458. S***s

  459. M***M

  460. i***a

  461. D***z

  462. S***a

    It’s wonderful! I barely used it twice and expression wrinkles barely notice me! In addition, the shipment has arrived Super soon. I recommend 100%, I don’t give you 10 stars because I can’t. 10/10

  463. L***a

    Received the goods quickly. A little crumpled box, but I think for storage and transportation still need. I have not tried to try yet, I will not write

  464. S***o

    All got, let’s see how it will be in work!

  465. G***l

  466. N***s

  467. A***U

  468. N***r

  469. M***a

  470. g***r

  471. m***m

  472. R***r

  473. v***z

    Arrival much earlier than expected, in good condition, it is missing to use and see if it works

  474. M***o

    It looks the same as the photo, now you have to see if it works and takes effect. Thank you

  475. I***a

    The seller is big well done. More such! Fast delivery to the apartment. The order came for 21 days. The device came loaded. Everything turns on and switches. To charge, you need a USB adapter. It is not included in the delivery. The device is very simple. There is instruction in English. But the information in the section “description” on the website Ali is quite enough. The display counts the time of the procedure-10 minutes. It’s very convenient. Do not monitor the duration of the procedure. I will add a review after I test on myself))) seller, definitely, I recommend!

  476. J***z

    Everything works fine. Fast delivery and excellent service!

  477. N***a

    Everything is super!!! Already tried, everything works!

  478. T***

  479. B***

    It came well. The box was a little hit but inside the team was fine. Turn on and hopefully do the miracle. Jajaja

  480. A***r

    Great feeling, very fast delivery. Hope it makes my wrinkles disappear.

  481. r***z


  482. M***a

  483. J***l

    Very fast delivery. It’s charching now so I will try it soon.
    I’m very curious if it works

  484. j***o


  485. L***d

  486. A***v

  487. A***h

  488. L***o

  489. R***o

    I get super fast! And it looks very nice.

  490. A***r

  491. A***r

    I received the parcel. The device corresponds to the photo and description. Fast shipping. Track tracked. I will add a review after use.

  492. L***o

    I love it .really works. fast shipping and seller highly recommend. thanks seller

  493. p***p

    Everything corresponds to the description, I will be happy to try)) thanks.

  494. S***v

  495. m***z

  496. S***o

  497. A***r

    Thank you. it came in 20 days. everything is intact. in the case did not try

  498. F***ç

  499. J***d

  500. S***a

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