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Foreverlily 7 Colors Led Facial Mask Led Korean Photon Therapy Face Mask Machine Light Therapy Acne Mask Neck Beauty Led Mask

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Suitable for people:

with an irregular diet,staying up late,sit in front of the computer and use cellphone frequently

for skin:spots,freckles,acne,dull ,dark yellow,large pores,coarse,sagging skin

Product description:

Type: photodynamic led facial beauty mask, led flashing face mask

wrinkle removing Skin machine,facial massager

Voltage:110v-240v, 60Hz/ 50Hz

Plug:EU,US,UK,AU Plug

Product Weight:1.8kg(With Original Box)

Number of LED :192 leds

Colors of Lights:7 Colors

Output voltage: DC10V 2500mA

Output power: 20W (Max)


-100% Brand new and high quality
-Help to Activated the collagen
-Promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more translucent and white
-Tighten pores, making the skin firmer, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic
-Accelerate Detoxification
-Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promote the excretion of toxins of skin
-Oxygen Increase
-Promote skin permeability, increase oxygen to lock skin moisture
-Repair Skin
-Promote blood circulation, lighten freckless and red bloodshot

-when using it on a daily basis for no more than 20 minutes per day.


1 .Reduce and prevent wrinkles, helps fight fatty areas

2.Improve skin elasticity,whitening,Minimize Pores

3. Inhibit the formation of melanin pigment

4. Accelerate blood circulation,boost sleeping quality

5. Minimize scarring,Repair Skin

6.relax,elevate immune system

7.improve blood circulation,Help to Activated the collagen

8.Promote skin collagen growth, make the skin more translucent and white

9.Tighten pores, making the skin firmer, improve skin brightness, more smooth and elastic

10.Effectively accelerate skin metabolism rate, promote the excretion of toxins of skin

11.Promote skin permeability, increase oxygen to lock skin moisture

12.Promote blood circulation, lighten freckless and red bloodshot

7 Colors LED mask can solve stubborn skin problems:

Red light:whitening pale spot,tender skin and anti-wrinkle,repair damaged skin,smooth the fine wrinkles,shrink pores,hyperplasia of collagen.

Blue light:efficiently minimize and heal acne,repair the skin whithout leaving scars

Purple light:it is red and blue dual-band light, a combination of two kinds of phototherapy effect,especially in healing and repairing the acne scar

Laser light (White light):resolving age spots,improve fine lines and sagging skin.

Green light:Neutralazation,balance skin condition,relieve mental stress and effective dredge lymphoid and edema

Yellow light:improve coarse skin and wrinkle,redness, fever, ringworm of the skin, increase immunity

Green Blue light:enhance the cell energy gradually,promote metabolism


1. LED Mask X 1 (with box)

2. Remote Control X 1

3. Power Cord X 1

4. Full English User Manual X 1

How to use:

Step1:Plug the USB connector at the end of the wire of your LED MASK.

Step2:clean your face ,wait till it dries. This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
Step3:Put on your Mask . Make sure that you wear it comfortably.
Step4:Turn on your Mask and you will see tinge of red light covering the whole mask.

Step5:15 minture once.

Note: the light is at low-level intensity. You may close your eyes if you feel like a little unwell.

Step5:Keep your LED Mask close to your facial skin.

You can also change different colors with the remoter.


1,if you want the mask effect better, we suggest you use professional relational skin care product at the same time ,the led light will promote the assimilate of skin care product,Enhances the efficacy of skin care product ,then has better effect .

2, it will not immediately see the effect ,it need some time to repair you skin,so keep using it and be patient.

3, use the slightest intensity of the Micro-current function at the first time , if you use the highest intensity at first time , your skin may get shocked .

4,if your face has wound,do not advise using this micro-current function until the wound recovered.

5,turn on the power after finshed wear the mask,turn off the power before take off the mask , do not look straight to the led light , otherwise your eye may get hurt .

people who can not use with this mask

Pregnant women,children,Thyroid disease,Light allergic person,use of drugs can cause allergies.

7 Colors LED mask can solve stubborn skin problems

Blue: Sterilization Inhibit inflammation

Cyanine:Promote metabolism

White: Remove Freckle

Purple: Remove acne scars

Red : Whitening

Green : Row of edema , Reduce skin grease

Yellow :give Energy to skin

Operational Cautions:

1. Recommend to sue for 20 mins per day

2.Do not stare at inside when operating

3.Do not try to use it with wet hand .

7 Colors LED mask can solve stubborn skin problems

Blue: Sterilization Inhibit inflammation

Cyanine:Promote metabolism

White: Remove Freckle

Purple: Remove acne scars

Red : Whitening

Green : Row of edema , Reduce skin grease

Yellow :give Energy to skin


No. 1

Whitening Skin,Effective decomposition of the pigment microcirculation, dilute the stain


Improving CellViability

Using continuous or pulsed output toimprove cell activity

acne rejuvenation


Promoting the absorption of essence

Through the light of light, canpromote blood circulation, help the skin a good absorption of the essence


Repairing Skin Damage

Using continuous or pulsedoutput, improve cell activityrepair skin acne damageaccommodation pores


Increasing Skin Elasticity

Promoting collagengrowth, increaseskin cell viability


Activating Collagen

Through the special LEDbiological activity of lightirradiation,activating theskin cell vitality, deeppenetration of the skin

update the skin basal layer

Intimate eye protection system

The opaque protective pad material gives you the benefits of eye goggles outside the second eye protection measures, so that the eyes away from the light to stimu

Neck whitening

Care for your neck skin with the same level as facial

Safe micro-curmencymassage design

So that the chin lines tighten,

BIO enhance and tightening the facial skin.

The microcurrent function can be shut off or taken down

still can use the LED light function on the mask.

LED chip

high-quality narrow-spectrum LED chipthe output energy, 360 no blind spot LEDlight penetration film, cosmetic effect better

Black accessories can help strengthen thenutrition of the skin product as an additionalfunction,not the main function of the product.

We advice you can use with the beauty gel

according to the feedback from our customersand supplier.

(package not inclued)

Some people might feel uncomfortable with

using the black plug,

Some,don’ t use it if feel unwell.nfortable

whenuse it,don’tuse itif you feel uncomfortable

7 Colors LED mask can solve stubborn skin problems:

Red light:whitening pale spot,tender skin and anti-wrinkle,repair damaged skin,smooth the fine wrinkles,shrink pores,hyperplasia of collagen.

Blue light:efficiently minimize and heal acne,repair the skin whithout leaving scars

Purple light:it is red and blue dual-band light, a combination of two kinds of phototherapy effect,especially in healing and repairing the acne scar

Laser light (White light):resolving age spots,improve fine lines and sagging skin.

Green light:Neutralazation,balance skin condition,relieve mental stress and effective dredge lymphoid and edema

Yellow light:improve coarse skin and wrinkle,redness, fever, ringworm of the skin, increase immunity

Green Blue light:enhance the cell energy gradually,promote metabolism


Additional information

Brand Name


Power Source

Electric, EU, UK, US, AU






Facial Clean, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Mouisture

Manufacturing Process

Hand Made



number of led lights

192 pcs of lights

color light

7 colors Red, Blue, Purple, White, Green, yellow, green blue light

Function 1

LED Facial Mask

Function 2

led facial mask with ems microelectronics

Function 3

facial led light, Skin Rejuvenation, Whitening, Massager

Function 4

Home Use Beauty Salon

Function 5

Facial Massage Mask

Function 6

LED Facial Mask

500 reviews for Foreverlily 7 Colors Led Facial Mask Led Korean Photon Therapy Face Mask Machine Light Therapy Acne Mask Neck Beauty Led Mask

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    1 color of lights did not work !
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    Hi, Ive been using it for 3 weeks and it’s effective although there’s no yellow light. I hope you can improve on that, my skin has tremendously change and you can see a huge improvement the next day after you use it. Dont forget to do this eith your skincare routine to achieve the best result. My friends tried it as well and liked it. They will order.

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  162. B***s

    love it! just tried it. Although the size is big, but i do feel a bit of a pinch on my forehead and under eye. Overall does it work? yes. I have like this before and it was a wand. I used it everyday for 2 weeks. My neck is not wrinkly and has tighten more. Get a Snail serum which i used.

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  164. K***s

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  167. v***n

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    It remains to be tested to see the effects. I would give feedback

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    The only thing that unpleasantly compresses the head leaves traces of pressure on the forehead.
    Delivery was unexpectedly slow.

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  184. a***a

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  185. A***r

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  194. A***r

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  195. L***P

    Never received my package, seller is a liar, very unprofessional, and I put a dispute in and they seem to be on the theft side of the seller.DoNot Order from Them

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    Not me about my control and the Q came missing

  210. A***r

    The box was so crushed that I am not sure if some of the pieces came out, And there are pieces missing to add to the holes in the mask? Very disappointed, this was to be a gift. I would like a full refund. In your image it shows black pieces in a bag, I never got that. With missing pieces this is no use to me. And when I plugged it in, it spark from the black cord. I live in the US and have a certain plug, but the spark came from the insert to the face. Not happy. How can I get a full refund.

  211. A***r

    Package quickly received 2 weeks to Belgium. Works well. Well packed

  212. M***a

    Already used a few times, but believe that a more visible result will come with frequent use. Anyway, the skin looks get softer. THE product arrived very quickly without courier fee or tax.

  213. S***e

  214. A***r

  215. J***r

    Perfect condition ! I’m so happy it’s just like the one at the spa. So happy thank you

  216. A***a

    The goods went a little more than a month, the package was packed well and reliably. I turned on the mask-all colors work. At the moment, the seller and the store recommend. I have not tested on myself yet, a little later i will try to supplement the review.

  217. K***r

    Broken in shipping the neck part is a few pieces of sensor unstable children with key

  218. t***a

    The mask came within three days, which can not be used, i use it for a week, it is still certainly early to say something about its functions, but that i noticed so it dries very well little pimples and they quickly disappeared i use it every day for 20 minutes on the 8th where all the colors change alternately, I liked the mask because it personally helps me quickly remove pimples))

  219. A***g

    Looks like everything’s fine.

  220. B***h

  221. J***e

  222. K***e

  223. j***a

  224. S***

    Very good Testing with more time.

  225. k***k

    Impeccable tracking, well packaged and received quickly. I love already tested I wanted to take the mask with extension neck to treat everything at the same time. Thank you

  226. N***z

  227. Z***k

    The product is very beautiful
    Hope it is effective

  228. N***r

  229. k***i

    super fast very nice mask !

  230. P***p

    I don’t know how it will be in the. Practice the mask but I get the. Product in your box intact so far. By reviewing it and testing it I will comment

  231. D***e

    Nice mask. Only used it once and works okay. I don’t know whether it will be beneficial for my skin. I only would have liked to have a better guidance. I do not understand which different functions it all has.

  232. D***l

    Excellent Product

  233. A***r

    I have not actually try it yet. Because I just received it today. The face Mask is of good quality. Shipping was fast.

  234. s***a

    Perfect loved… VEI super fast and well packed. Thank you

  235. p***k

    it is very good product…i am sure it will work….i am using it for 4 days..i have already noticed my skin is better…

  236. D***i

  237. M***v

    I arrive very fast, well packed and in good condition, I will place my order with the seller again, thank you very much to the seller

  238. f***o

    just perfect packaging was wrapped really safely, arrived 20 days earlier, no tax, exactly same than picture love it

  239. K***l

    Everything glows. how I try to write off

  240. M***h

    Fast delivery, all very beautiful! Works well, thank you! I recommend the seller!

  241. G***a

  242. E***g

    Super fast delivery, not yet tested but looks good thanks

  243. M***m

    Goods arrived in 12 days super fast …. So lack experience…

  244. R***r

    Received but did not sell

  245. f***f

    Got a mask. Packed well. I haven’t checked it yet.

  246. e***e


  247. w***r

    Never arrived

  248. P***o

  249. F***r

    Received what was described

  250. M***n

    Product delivered but would probably take a long while to get desired effect, if there is one at all..
    Will update feedback perhaps in the future

  251. R***t

  252. U***r

  253. A***r

    THE product arrived with 22 days. Still not tested. Came right and well packed.

  254. e***k

    The product ordered 16/09/2019, came 30.10.2019 to Belarus. ordered with a box (the seller packed everything well: the mask was in a bag with pimples, in a box and on top an envelope with pimples), and did not lose. The box came crumpled and torn. Fortunately the mask is in working order. I have not tried it yet, but in anticipation.
    I recommend the seller. If you order, be sure with the box, as the thing is fragile and the LEDs can suffer.
    Purchase is happy!!!!! thank you!!!!!

  255. R***r

  256. V***d

    Perfect Article, just the box that has not been transported gently but it is really nothing important, after testing the mask everything works very well delighted with my purchase! Seller at the top very good communication I recommend☺️ ️

  257. E***P

    The mask came out broken 🙁

  258. N***z

  259. f***f

    Switch is so hot, more will eventually faded melt. Seems to be dangerous. Poor.

  260. N***k

  261. j***o

    Well has arrived. Working day past times anything by the way this time none power non-sparking the process is why hanger?

  262. i***a


  263. E***e

    A little broken the box but fine. I haven’t tried it yet. I hope operate

  264. B***i

    Nie polecam kupna tego produktu, totalna porażka. W Aukcji napisane jest że sprzęt posiada 7 kolorów , a w rzeczywistości posiada 4 kolory.
    I do not recommend buying this product, a total failure. The Auction says that the equipment has 7 colors, and in fact has 4 colors.

  265. S***o

    The mask came in a timely manner and packed remarkably. The mask ordered without a box, wish i would’ve ordered in a box instead but still well made product. The product is works wells and no problems. I highly recommend seller very good customer service.

  266. h***a

    Product arrived defective, take very

  267. p***a

    I got my order in good time I’m moved and just open my box loved it

  268. V***n

    I didn’t received the order more than 3 months

  269. U***r

  270. S***

    It took 3 months, my package was lost and didn’t want me. Reply told me it had already been delivered to the post office and was not

  271. I***r

    Arrived in perfect working order. Would rather have had a UK pls not an adaptor. Not ideal or very secure so not confident in it. Other than that. Machine looks exactly as described and arrived well packaged and working. Will test and return with test feedback.
    Arrived within a month to Dublin Ireland

  272. B***n

    The product unfortunately did not arrive. The seller refund. Thank you.

  273. V***

    Very happy with the purchase! Works great, was properly packed. Awesome seller’s communication. Thank you!

  274. e***k

    Description and product dont think

  275. g***r

    Mask scratched as used. Not working at all

  276. R***d

    I arrive in perfect condition well packed, it takes about 3 weeks, but I’m in the Canaries, so I knew it would take a while, excellent Product as per your description I recommend

  277. M***z

    The deadlines are respected, the product is in accordance with the description and the order it seems to have no problem. Everything works properly. Regarding the product when using in elongated position the mask is heavy and a little painful for the eyes, there are micro stimulation that sting also I was very surprised the first time it is very unpleasant, since then I have not tried again considering the unpleasant feeling. I would put pictures after use

  278. A***r

    Quit working

  279. B***e

    Received quickly. Not tried yet. I come back in 25 days to give advice on efficiency

  280. K***k

  281. z***a

    I haven’t tried it yet if it works

  282. e***a

  283. H***o

  284. m***o

    I arrive broke

  285. S***r

    It took 2 months to receive. But product is in good condition. Working well.

  286. m***m

    Very high-quality mask, delivery a little more than two weeks in Mo, the result of use did not understand yet, used 3 times in total ..

  287. A***r

    Very cool thing! Read scientific articles and understand that this is an indispensable thing in home care

  288. A***r

    The box was wrinkled, would know that so, would not overpay

  289. P***l

    all ok, very fast ! I recommend

  290. Y***a


  291. B***f

    Recommend all OK

  292. S***h

  293. h***a

    It came quickly and as in the description over time, we will check whether it works or not

  294. z***n

  295. E***a

    I ordered 11.11, I received 20.11, the courier brought it. Track number tracked. Everything matches and everything works. I will wait for the effect

  296. s***s

    Really fast delivery to Ireland. Looks great.

  297. I***a

  298. g***r

    Fast Reception. Corresponds to the description. 🙂

  299. A***r

  300. C***r

    I haven’t tried it.

  301. N***a

    Thank you, the goods came in 10 days. Everything works, I recommend to buy.

  302. A***k

    Product nicely made sensationally packed ordered 11.11 reached 11.25 Warmly recommend

  303. J***s

    Lack of proof

  304. H***e


  305. A***r


  306. A***r

    Nothing got. Opened a dispute, money until the seller returned 🙁

  307. v***v

    All Super!! Everything works, delivery is fast!!

  308. P***r

    Future quickly. Is efficient

  309. a***a

    Brought the courier home. All in the box, well laid. Already managed to try everything works. Delivery is very fast. I ordered the 11th of the day, 23 already arrived and was delivered. The results are early to speak, I will write later.

  310. A***

    Still not used but everything works. Sent super fast to Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.

  311. A***r

  312. E***e

  313. D***a

    Well packed, in perfect condition.

  314. g***h

  315. D***k

    Looks okej will see if it works.

  316. R***z

    All works.

  317. A***r

    It didn’t work as it should.

  318. M***a

    The product was such as the description, it was actually protected the shipment and arrived quite quickly. I was able to prove it right away and I think it performs, I will continue to use it to see that it works so much, thank you very much

  319. A***r

    Well packed fast service looks complete I will leave after valuation when I test it

  320. P***r

    Goods consistent with the description.

  321. L***o

    It has arrived quickly and is easy to use. But I still don’t know the effects.

  322. Y***z

    I’m on time and in good condition
    I don’t want you to try it anymore.

  323. N***a

    The mask of good quality, came in the box well packed everything works, has not yet used eyoune I can say for the result. thanks to the seller.

  324. K***a

    Super good quality and fast and safe delivery

  325. A***r

    The order did not come, the money was returned. With the seller did not communicate

  326. C***y

  327. d***l

    Very fast shipping, Excellent product!!!

  328. N***a

    Shipping 18 days. Nizhny Novgorod region. Courier.
    The order was made without box. Everything came whole and not harmful

  329. R***r

    Checked. Everything is fine. Thank you. I recommend.

  330. C***a

    Excellent Product, good packaging I arrive in time⏳All very well I tried it and it works. Oh, great. It’s just a little uncomfortable.

  331. C***u

    I don’t like it to much ,is too heavy on my face and are not working all 7 pin

  332. F***e

    Received it in 1 month. Didn’t use it for the moment. I’ll write again when I’ll use it.

  333. S***M

    seller is kind and product is good

  334. A***r

    very nice

  335. A***r

    Belle produit

  336. A***a

    It’s a little uncomfortable, but it works fine.

  337. v***h

    In general, he gave the left track and blew his head for 3 weeks. The money was returned only through dispute. I do not advise!!!!

  338. A***o

    Product arrived fast. As described. A+

  339. g***n

    thankyou everthing looks good well packed and fast delivery

  340. R***a

    The mask is excellent, but the service is trouble. I took it for a gift in the original box. The box came crumpled and torn, as if it were kicked all the way. I had to keep my mask. Very unpleasant.

  341. O***o

    The mask went more than a month. All is well, except one… Microcurrents don’t work. The button is broken.

  342. A***p

    Can’t use this mask, first it leaves horrible marks on my nose and forehead for the rest of the day and it’s very painful to have that mask on , as it is very heavy and uncomfortable. Second the Efield ELF IS VERY HIGH. See pictures with device on and off. Can I get full refund! Would not recommend! Want to return but postage to China costs more then the item itself so probably it will go straight to the rubbish bin. Absolutely disappointed! Complete waste of money!

  343. L***k

    Loving it so far. In a month I will update this review with pictures of my face before and after doing this every single day to get rid of my acne scars.

  344. P***r

    Mask not yet używałam. Wylada very neatly.

  345. H***f

    Wonderful same description thanks to the seller

  346. R***r

  347. d***g

    Neat sent works well the pins I would there not indoen very painful and eyes closed

  348. M***a

    Ordered to complete the strain lesson fractional mesotherapy dermopene. Honestly, at your own risk) read reviews that currents do not work., How else do they work. Even the first “speed” is personally difficult for me to carry out)) and I tried on my husband, he also feels) tomorrow I will test on the client) everything works, everything is fine)) the parcel came in three weeks cool, I’m happy as an elephant

  349. j***e

    Great article

  350. g***r


  351. L***e

  352. C***R

    My package was held by custom service for two weeks. Problems with the invoice. The seller helped me out. Thank you so much. My mask works perfectly. Thank you.

  353. g***z

    Same K in the description

  354. M***N

    A really painful mask to use. Hurts the eyes!

  355. A***r

  356. A***r

  357. M***u

    me mom’s happy with this bloody halloween mask

  358. A***i

    Everything according to the publication

  359. J***a

    Fast delivery by courier within 3 days. Ordered with delivery from Russia without a box. Looks like in the picture, everything works.

  360. I***n

    very good product , it works perfectly.

  361. T***a


  362. J***s

    Not received the request and asked to confirm. Thought was Address confirmation. AND now what do

  363. D***a

    Red light does not work AND lest doprosić the seller for help bordered with miracle. I am very niezadowolona. Only Plus is fast shipping.

  364. A***r

    Everything works and microcurrents are the same. The meaning is clear-the meaning is not studied. We will test

  365. K***o

    Quickly, delivered the courier, I was surprised. Everything works, it just came in a inflated package, without a box (but I ordered it without it). In action we will check. Thank You

  366. m***.

    ok but neadet to pay 20€ custom fees.

  367. E***l

    The lights work, but I haven’t used it yet.

  368. P***k

    very fast delivery mask is exactly as described

  369. H***o

    It came fast and this terrible not yet used it but it seems everything is fine

  370. A***n

    product works really well and I received it within a month of ordering. only issue was that the eye area sits on an awkward position and it is slightly uncomfortable and you will not be able to wear this while multitasking. does not affect the function. it is mostly a design issue

  371. A***r

    Thanks! The contact between the adapter and the controller is not the best. if I move the cable it turns off off. Not the most comfortable to wear, press the nose, the silicone could be softer and bigger so the led light would not shine in my eyes, but that’s my subjective opinion.

  372. H***n

    The article is broken

  373. U***r

    This company has been so horrible. l I order 3 sample products to get ads made and modeled and I go ahead and have the site built and I was supposed to get these things before Black friday. Ok Today is december 18th and I’ve gotten 1 of the 3 packages. And ANOTHER mask from them. Out of the 4 items I’ve gotten ONE of them. After ali express did and sided with me the company refuses to check it to return my money. They’re letting the 30 day clock run out just to be spiteful. When I pointed out Ali express had called the number for them and found out I was right and I just wanted them to resend me the stuff i paid for and id pay the shipping again, or refund my money like ali express said or I was going to leave them a bad review for every product. They sent me a Smiley emoticon so here I am. Don’t purchase from this company. There’s way better places to buy this mask where they’ll actually send it to you. Try Semlamp.

  374. A***r

  375. t***e

    fast shipping and excellent.makes my face youthful

  376. y***y


  377. R***r

    Everything works, delivery to Moscow in 10 days. Super. Seller well done

  378. M***h

    received. working well

  379. f***r

    Very good. Great quality

  380. A***r

    The mask squeezes the face a lot and leaves it with marks

  381. t***r

  382. A***r

    Very good product as mentioned, arrived quickly in Canada in very good condition, I recommend the seller

  383. N***k

    Received on the 4th day after the order. the courier brought straight home. everything is fine, works.

  384. V***H

    Good material, I have not armed you, leave additional comments

  385. T***a


  386. D***o

    Much heavier long data work well and good.

  387. R***i

    Great item at a great price. Arrived in good condition

  388. T***a

    The goods arrived broken. The right part of the mask on the inside is broken. Only the neck and this broken part are on fire.

  389. A***r

    Super! Came quickly and the box is perfect, without creases!)

  390. V***t

    Super Fast Delivery ~ Best Service

  391. A***r

    Arrived quickly and it was very well packaged. It seems to work very well so far 🙂

  392. L***i

    I love it! It works perfectly! And it took less than a month! Thank you salesman!

  393. S***S

    Quality product and everything works perfect. We need to test to see and get the expected results.

  394. P***H

    It has come very well packed. No proof, I’ll leave additional comments. Thank you very much❤

  395. p***l

  396. Z***a

    Just super fast shipping!!! ordered on December 24 the mask came on December 27. brought the courier home!! everything works to glow. only here are the instructions two leaves and all in English. I had to look on the internet how to use it. I will try! thanks to the seller very much!

  397. S***u

    Great product at a great price!

  398. A***r

    No instruction on Russian

  399. A***r

    i never receive my order from 4 month now

  400. C***n

    very well packed. seems to work well. using daily.

  401. i***o

    The parcel came very quickly. The seller umnichka talked everything perfectly. Delivery to the apartment. I will order more myself and recommend others

  402. U***r

    The shipment comes in quick and well packaged. First try out, the device works. Thank you!

  403. Y***n

    Excellent quality

  404. A***r

    The product came nice fast but a little electric shock at the plug part when inserting

  405. A***k

    I haven’t used it yet. It came very fast.

  406. V***a

    Not received the product! Need my refund!

  407. R***r

    Very good goods. Super fast shipping. I highly recommend.

  408. M***h

    My item came with a broken piece but it came quickly

  409. H***g

    Fast shipping, good quality items. All thank you.

  410. m***r

  411. S***a

    Thanks to the seller, everything has come of proper quality.

  412. g***h

    Shipping is weeks only came to buy, not just the eye part is pressed out this well leave the inconvenience, but its pull cotton price and make you satisfied.

  413. U***r

    Very long went the order, more than 2 months. The parcel came, everything is OK, the lamp is very cool.

  414. A***a

    Thank you 🙂 everything works, colors all switch as it should 🙂

  415. T***h

    Did not come with the AU plug advertise so I cant use it

  416. f***e

    The product was not in my hands. I demand the return of the money

  417. E***a

    The product arrived in good condition within estimated time, with a protected packaging

  418. f***o

    The article arrived in good condition and well protected, but it did not come with the box. It looks good quality for the price that is paid you can not order more

  419. g***r

    Low frequency and when 꾹 press should fixed for Busin
    First time use this line after the miracle is otherwise only
    Face body acupuncture points and press are feeling
    And some times they were from release
    Low frequency spot little by little the machine while massage
    And I am after the full face with real feeling
    Often, the effect and the ball as ~~

  420. A***r

  421. B***u

    Came in 2 weeks, works fine, fits my head well and is also beautiful as decor to be honest

  422. E***a

    All right

  423. M***a

  424. A***r

    super fast shipping love the product will buy from this seller again recommend this seller again

  425. L***a

    The mask arrived quite quickly, much earlier than the specified period. Packed in a vacuum box, everything works. Instruction in English. I recommend.

  426. N***o


  427. K***k

    Heavy work once reported by a face is pressed-

  428. g***u

  429. E***r

  430. J***r

  431. D***k

    Works great. Fast shipping. Thank you!

  432. d***s


  433. J***n

  434. T***m

    Fast shipment !

  435. Z***a


  436. d***l


  437. A***n

    For a super gift, whether there is an effect I will add later. Microcurrents beat weakly, maybe it should be.

  438. z***z

    Fast shipping. Tracking. Works fine

  439. C***r

    Parcel arrived well packaged, complete and in good condition

  440. G***r

    Everything works fine. But mask is to heavy leaves marks on the face.

  441. D***h

  442. R***r

    The mask came intact and safe, fast enough.
    However, on the inside of the mask there are limiters that do not allow to touch her face, for me they too much pressure on the forehead. Knowing this in advance would order a model that is placed over the face.

  443. Q***i


  444. K***n

    Thank you so much fast delivery great product thanks

  445. C***s

    I arrive just on the date indicated

  446. A***r

    its looks so cool!!

  447. M***r

    Very happy received order today and thank you.

  448. n***a

    Hello everyone Ordered a mask from this seller, learned it quickly . The mask was not working properly, only 3 of the 7 microcurrents work. Opened an argument. The refund was refused, no other options, the seller also did not offer, although I wrote to him . In General, 2000 rubles for the trash ! I do not recommend !

  449. D***z

    Item in perfect condition

  450. D***A

  451. s***m

  452. T***a

    Everything works. The technical characteristics correspond to the declared. I recommend the seller.

  453. A***a

    Right on the date it was said to arrive, the box a little wrinkled but it’s just a detail

  454. F***d

    Perfect product very well packaged and consistent with the description.

  455. Z***a

    Very satisfied, quality feels very good.

  456. E***z

    Everything came in good condition and in time

  457. N***n

    What do you want to try it

  458. V***r

    Everything works

  459. S***t

  460. b***A

    the mask works great!

  461. I***s

    In excellent condition, running at one hundred, very well packaged, I arrive at estimated time.

  462. N***n

    This is the best product! Everything works! Thanks to the seller.

  463. -***-

  464. I***a

    The mask quickly came, did not expect. Ordered 07.01.20 and already 15.01.20 courier brought home (Sochi).
    7 colors, everything works. Naturally, no one will say the result immediately, because. She needs to use 2 months. The seller is happy.
    I took a mask without a box. She came so in a dense, thick type of handbag. I’ll attach the photo.
    Time can be adjusted, colors, you can leave one or you can put on the mode in turn will flash.

  465. g***s

    Very fast, thank you.

  466. I***a

  467. U***r

  468. U***p

  469. b***e

    fast shipping, I have not tired yet but everything looks good

  470. S***l

    3-4 days shipping, we will check how it works)

  471. P***a

    Great product and

  472. A***r

    Very fast and with very good presence seems perfect

  473. A***r

    Works perfect,the shipping was fast .

  474. C***h

    Quick delivery (16 days in total) from China to Germany. The box is pretty beaten up, but the mask itself is fine, right plug and everything works. I am satisfied 🙂

  475. N***s

  476. S***m

    It is not used but the shipping is bad

  477. E***a

    The mask just flew in 2 weeks. Quick. Perfectly packed in inflatable bag. Works. The seller is excellent. Later I will add a review of the result of the action. The plastic is good, everything is very neatly done.

  478. Q***p

    not use yet,will add review after i use

  479. S***n

    that’s is good

  480. M***d

    I did not receive the product!

  481. A***r

  482. U***r

    Arrived. It’ll a gift so haven’t opened or used.

  483. I***n

    The order is satisfied. Packed was good. Maybe by what I ordered with the box. The box has not changed much but it is not a problem. Everything works. I haven’t actually tried it yet. I recommend.

  484. R***v

    Fully corresponds to the description. Delivery from Russia 5 days. Instruction in English. Seller thanks!!!

  485. C***o


  486. A***r


  487. V***v

    OK, everything works, before Irkutsk the parcel was 10 days

  488. A***r

    Fast shipping! Great item exactly as described cant wait to start using it

  489. A***r

    As in the description.

  490. j***a

    Ok good product thanks to fast seller delivery

  491. m***s

    I arrive well packed and fast, thank you

  492. A***r

  493. A***r

  494. C***i

    Excellent! My purchase arrived perfectly and faster than I expected. Thank you.

  495. r***r

    Everything was well packed and shipped quickly.

  496. g***s


  497. J***z

    I arrive in less time than I expected, very well packed in good condition, works excellent, I recommend the seller.

  498. V***o

    I don’t know if it really improve the skin but seem perfect

  499. E***a

    Fast delivery by courier to home. The mask is excellent.

  500. A***r

    Super, especially like the current impulses, on the face earned muscles about which they did not even suspect, as a result the feeling is ten years younger. I definitely advise everyone. Seller Many thanks, delivery super fast courier to home

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-30% Face Skin EMS Mesotherapy Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Facial LED Photon Skin Care Device Face Lift Tighten Beauty Machine

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