LED Under Cabinet Light PIR Motion Sensor Lamp 10 LEDs lighting for Wardrobe Cupboard Closet Kitchen night light


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Cabinet light





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Night Lights

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498 Reviews For This Product

  1. 498

    by J***n

  2. 498

    by A***n

    The lamp is cool, it reacts to movement perfectly, the lighting is pleasant, it burns brightly, the thing is comfortable and necessary. I advise everyone, order will not regret!

  3. 498

    by R***v

    Delivery on time. The lamp is perfectly glued to any surface. Shines suddenly bright. Motion sensor and off timer work perfectly. I consider the purchase successful

  4. 498

    by S***v

    Super. Quick. Tracked.

  5. 498

    by A***d

    The color is bad. Not the way it is in the picture!

  6. 498

    by J***a

  7. 498

    by a***a

  8. 498

    by R***v

    The lamp as in the photo, the sensor reacts, shines not brightly, as a backlight is ideal. Holds on the magnetic tape, it is attached to the wall on the tape.

  9. 498

    by M***i

    Ordered warm white light. Lamps are excellent, recharging through the usual “telephone” wire. Seller thanks for the fast delivery and excellent packaging! And also for a coupon of 2 dollars. I will definitely order something else! I recommend!

  10. 498

    by A***o

    The goods went to the moscow region a little more than 3 weeks. The lamp works, but i had to modify a little… the on-off button was not pressed because of the small window under it in the side cover.

  11. 498

    by A***r

    Great item!

  12. 498

    by A***i

  13. 498

    by a***r

    Quality and useful goods. the charge holds from nova somewhere weeks 2.

  14. 498

    by p***p

    Well packaged, they arrived well. They light up pretty much, the only thing to improve the detection sensor has come about 3 weeks.

  15. 498

    by N***n

  16. 498

    by V***v

    Lamps are good. Small, with tape and the possibility of magnetic fastening.

  17. 498

    by N***a

    Shipping to chile in 2 weeks! The sensor works perfect, works with aaa batteries, and not with battery as i thought.

  18. 498

    by A***r

  19. 498

    by S***n

    In general, the thing is good for the cabinet. The sensor works but at a very small distance! And you almost need to clap in front of him to get light!

  20. 498

    by E***v


  21. 498

    by A***r

    It’s good but the burden lasts very little

  22. 498

    by d***a

    According to the figure, i realized that it would be charged from usb, and came a lamp powered by batteries

  23. 498

    by A***r

  24. 498

    by S***i

    Good item shipping 3 weeks

  25. 498

    by A***r


  26. 498

    by S***r

    one of the LED lamp was not working. The charge does not stay at all. Please sent a working one.

  27. 498

    by O***o

    All as in the description of the goods, came also all intact and workable. I already ordered such lamps but on simple batteries, let’s see how much these are enough. Delivery to moscow region 16 days.

  28. 498

    by S***n

    Long tested the lamp. For a wardrobe with clothes is excellent.

  29. 498

    by A***l

    The product light up only if the surrounding light is dim or dark. I thought it will light up when i get close to it.

  30. 498

    by V***s

    They feel solid and they works great. They only downside is they seem to be a little less sensitive in terms of their angle (just like the picture shows), thus they need to be place in a high location. I am definitely going to buy a couple more of these.

  31. 498

    by S***v

    It works well that the magnetic suspension is also good. But the sensitivity zone is not enough. For the cabinet will go but on the corridor is not suitable

  32. 498

    by A***y

    Delivery to m. about 24 days, without tracking by rf. The quality of the goods is good, i advise you to buy!

  33. 498

    by H***n

  34. 498

    by A***v

    The item was shipped one hour after payment. Came in a standard period of 26 days. The motion sensor in the dark is triggered, when the room light is turned on (as in the description). The lighting is quite sufficient for the corridor.

  35. 498

    by A***v

    The main image shows that 2 switching modes. And in fact they are not

  36. 498

    by C***N

  37. 498

    by y***n

    Well, so yourself, do not straight wow but it would be possible to make lamps 2 such a little for the corridor 3*2, but take them in a circle

  38. 498

    by A***r

    None of the 3 lights i ordered work. Don’t buy this salesman.

  39. 498

    by a***o

    Product does not work

  40. 498

    by M***z

  41. 498

    by R***r

    fast delivery

  42. 498

    by A***r

  43. 498

    by V***v

    All came the package whole, only the box a little crumpled. Checked put the batteries all works. At first he did not understand during the day did not work, and by the evening he lit up when he passed by. Respect the seller

  44. 498

    by a***y

    Working good ומאוד handy

  45. 498

    by M***l

    Good product. Sensor and lights work well. Great

  46. 498

    by A***d

    All ok

  47. 498

    by v***v

    Disappointed to the impossibility. The motion sensor worked only three times with a period of 30 seconds, the second 20 seconds, after the third inclusion stopped responding at all. I thought it was discharged, but after switching on after 10 minutes the green indicator was lit. But still the sensor does not want to react. It would be better for the poor to give this money. I’ll try to open a dispute, but how do you prove ???…

  48. 498

    by K***n

    Reached in 20 days. The parcel was tracked all the way. In general, the lamps liked, though the color is not the same. Ordered “gold”, came some pink color. In the conditions of the polar night are given. I recommend…

  49. 498

    by N***i

    Haven’t tested looks reasonable from

  50. 498

    by r***a

    Great product recommend

  51. 498

    by A***r


  52. 498

    by s***s

    The lamp shines very dim, the sensor is triggered with great delay.

  53. 498

    by A***r

    Good product but a bit slow to react to movement.

  54. 498

    by K***a

    Super fast shipping arrived in less than 15 days, the product works perfectly very satisfied with my purchase, excellent product i will return for another one, thank you!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  55. 498

    by A***r

    Working perfectly

  56. 498

    by A***r


  57. 498

    by S***

    It works perfectly for now. It only turns on when there is little light and reacts quickly to movement. Very easy to install when carrying a magnetic bar. Lack to check how long the battery lasts;)

  58. 498

    by A***a

    I ordered with charging, came on batteries. the seller’s unsubscribe is funny: the goods are sent by plane. brad. i do not advise

  59. 498

    by D***a

    Perfect oooo

  60. 498

    by N***s


  61. 498

    by s***v

    On batteries costs twice cheaper.

  62. 498

    by A***r

    The slats are good, they shine moderately bright, for lockers, shelves and bedside tables are great. The light is soft. The sensor works correctly. Also there is a light sensor, if the light, the bar is not lit. Magnetic tape is comfortable, holds firmly. Shipping about 20 days. Packed in a bag with bubble walls. Seller for the lamps and for the coupon thank you!

  63. 498

    by N***s

  64. 498

    by A***v

    It came quickly. Works fine. the color is more pink than gold. Thank you to the seller, satisfied.

  65. 498

    by K***l

  66. 498

    by N***a

    The lamp was delivered quickly, in excellent condition, but instead of the battery sent on batteries. For this i wanted to remove the star, but changed my mind, the true reason for such substitution i do not know, and the batteries will last for a long time (the lamp was installed in the bar, and i look there rarely).

  67. 498

    by T***n

    Thank you! It came as in the description. Quality is good. Very useful thing and works as needed, i order not the first time. Seller recommend!

  68. 498

    by g***s

    Fit size made out of ~

  69. 498

    by A***r

  70. 498

    by A***l

    Excellent, it’s the second time i ‘ve bought and everything’s perfect. Seller 100% recommended

  71. 498

    by j***z

    Received. Not tested. I’ll upload photo when i have it installed

  72. 498

    by A***z

    Everything ok

  73. 498

    by A***r

    Good lamp. Seller recommend!

  74. 498

    by A***e

    Very very good product .

  75. 498

    by D***k

    Well works like

  76. 498

    by R***r

    Works flawlessly

  77. 498

    by A***r

  78. 498

    by B***o

    The product matches, but they should put a single product in the photo because i thought it was two when i asked for it. After ordering it, the supplier cleared it for me, but i couldn’t cancel the order anymore. It only has automatic or off position.

  79. 498

    by L***v

  80. 498

    by A***S

    Excellent service, i get the product right, i’ll try it.

  81. 498

    by A***r

    Working as expected. But the screws are not getting tight even after fixing with screwdriver.

  82. 498

    by s***a

    The order came after 3 weeks, the lamp came charged, works. Turns on in the dark, when the light also turns on, if you fall into the range. It remains on for about 20 seconds, then extinguishes. In general-i liked it. Thank you seller!

  83. 498

    by P***h

    Good lamp, quality. I took it in the closet. Shines perfectly, the sensor works. After work, it burns for 20 seconds. Attached to the triemic tape. Removable easily for charging. Tape with a magnet remains, the lamp is removed. There is a charge indicator. I recommend

  84. 498

    by A***r

    Light sensor n works

  85. 498

    by H***i

  86. 498

    by R***r

    Before yekaterinburg, the order was more than 3 weeks. He’s gone. Packaging is good, everything has come intact and safe. I wanted to be a little brighter, but in general it will go. Thanks to the seller. I recommend.

  87. 498

    by J***n

    I opened a dispute because i thought the product was damaged. I just wasn’t using it right, i realized it only works when it doesn’t detect light, like inside a closet, for example.

  88. 498

    by R***s


  89. 498

    by D***o

    The light stays fixed and doesn’t turn off, problem
    Sensor, seller does not put any interest in changing it

  90. 498

    by D***A

    Eveythink is OK, Thanks

  91. 498

    by c***r

  92. 498

    by A***r

    Excellent, i recommend. The washing area illuminates, but not bright.

  93. 498

    by V***v

    Well, it shines bright enough, the sensor works.

  94. 498

    by N***v

    One of the best products on aliekpress is unequivocal.

  95. 498

    by A***r

  96. 498

    by R***d

    Works as described.

  97. 498

    by P***z

    The lamp took a long time to arrive, although the problem is here is mexico, the very attentive seller extended the protection time twice, i’ll hardly try it but at first glance it feels like a good lamp just like the description.

  98. 498

    by B***a

    Fine product. I will order more in the future, definitely! Thank you!

  99. 498

    by A***r

  100. 498

    by G***s

    Very good, i like it, suitable size.

  101. 498

    by V***v

    Recommend! It’s a great product. Came with this kind shipment within 13days. Thanks.

  102. 498

    by R***r

    Price and Quality are OK

  103. 498

    by A***r

  104. 498

    by A***r

    No usb, it’s a battery product

  105. 498

    by A***v

    Lit brightly

  106. 498

    by E***v

    I order not for the first time. Quality is good.

  107. 498

    by V***v

    Works kind of well. Time will show.

  108. 498

    by D***l


  109. 498

    by M***A

    Everything is super! Thank you.

  110. 498

    by E***t

    Some lights don’t light. Immediately had contact with the seller and this has immediately free of charge a new mailed. Super!

  111. 498

    by M***v

    A month to moscow! Shine perfectly, the sensor works! I like to order more

  112. 498

    by I***z

    Second i ask. All right, too bad you don’t have a choice to be on all the time.

  113. 498

    by J***s

    They only work by the presence sensor, it is not possible to leave them on fixed.

  114. 498

    by J***s

    They work properly, although they have only one mode of use, using the motion sensor they have built-in, they can’t be left on fixed.

  115. 498

    by D***o

    Uno de los requests in works

  116. 498

    by R***d

    Very nice, works perfect in my cabinet.

  117. 498

    by A***v

    Sent cold light, ordered warm

  118. 498

    by C***o

    Battery doesn’t last long

  119. 498

    by A***u

    Top Seller, Super Fast Shipping and Accurate Description…AAA+++

  120. 498

    by I***v

    Delivery fast, product working! Thank you seller!

  121. 498

    by G***a

    Very good product. Fast delivery

  122. 498

    by I***c

    the sensor is too weak. for 10USD i expected more sensitive sensor and slightly better light. sensor is the biggest issue.

  123. 498

    by A***r

    The sensor doesn’t work well. Very irregular

  124. 498

    by c***a

    For the cabinet, or over the sink in the kitchen is fine. But little, I thought it would be more.

  125. 498

    by A***r

    All OK

  126. 498

    by A***r

  127. 498

    by M***n

    Great product, lights turn on as soon as I open the closet.

  128. 498

    by A***r

    Normal lamps.

  129. 498

    by R***i

  130. 498

    by A***v

    Before Samara for a month, it works, the quality is good.

  131. 498

    by C***u

    Thank you very much

  132. 498

    by Z***s

  133. 498

    by j***z

    I vote forever. Perfect. It’s the second vompra I make. Thank you

  134. 498

    by f***t

  135. 498

    by a***h

    Everything works, fast delivery.

  136. 498

    by S***g

    Stuck on the ceiling… in the arch… fell off after some time… had to use screws …. Charges like a phone… Quality is excellent… Excellent seller

  137. 498

    by M***a

    Good product! Keeps the light long time. Recommended!

  138. 498

    by s***s

    Delivered in 25 days. Works. So Far
    No comments. I recommend.

  139. 498

    by a***a

    work great

  140. 498

    by S***w

    all good, working as should, delivered within 3 weeks.

  141. 498

    by E***j

    I have to do the test. All in all good.

  142. 498

    by N***v

    Good lights. Works great.

  143. 498

    by f***a

    It’s smaller than I thought and light little for what it’s worth

  144. 498

    by A***r

    Good product! Much light!

  145. 498

    by D***v

    Everything works fine!

  146. 498

    by R***v

  147. 498

    by A***y

  148. 498

    by T***a

    Super! Recommended!

  149. 498

    by A***r


  150. 498

    by m***a

    Good lamps!

  151. 498

    by e***v

    Everything OK, but the encryption makes you think two lamparas are coming.

  152. 498

    by M***k

    Looks and works great. Fast charging and great reach of sensor. Very happy! Thank you!!

  153. 498

    by A***r


  154. 498

    by D***z

    The product description was not accurate because I have not received any products. The empty package came, it’s embarrassing

  155. 498

    by A***o

    Funny thing, there is a switch. Shines brightly. Placed in the hallway under the shelf

  156. 498

    by A***i

    Package with LED lamp with motion sensor reached Minsk in 29 days. The product corresponds to the description. The lamp is in good condition. Shop and seller recommend.

  157. 498

    by A***r

    Very unhappy with this light. Firstly I should have 2 lights as shown in your picture and I only received one light. Second it does not work for more than 2 seconds. Then turns off and wont light up again so the sensor does not work. I would like 2 new lights that work please.

  158. 498

    by g***k

  159. 498

    by A***d

  160. 498

    by S***i

    Everything OK. Seller and product OK

  161. 498

    by d***v

    It came on time, plus a gift, works properly, even charged came, which allowed you to immediately check. The sensor is triggered. Shines enough for a night lamp.

  162. 498

    by D***v

    Bright, works on 4x AAA batteries, reacts to movement and illumination. It reacts well-when the cabinet door opens, it lights up. Magnetic on the metal, so you can under the hood to put if desired.
    Purchase satisfied.

  163. 498

    by V***v

    The order came in time, wanted to check, but discharged. Packaging whole, the goods whole.

  164. 498

    by N***g

  165. 498

    by J***e

  166. 498

    by M***o

    It’s the second I ask, both on drums, not batteries. The sensor works well and lasts the battery very hard. It’s a very practical thing.

  167. 498

    by V***o

    The product arrived quickly (20dn), everything is normal, the seller recommend, sent a coupon, thank you!

  168. 498

    by V***r

    The seller quickly sent the order. The lamp shines brightly, the sensor works. I recommend.

  169. 498

    by d***d

    I’m either not lucky or that, but the cable of the charger was not included, although in the photos it is drawn

  170. 498

    by A***r

  171. 498

    by s***s

    The lamp works fine. Thanks to the seller, came in time, well packed.

  172. 498

    by V***y

    Everything came within a month. The box is wrinkled, but everything works: even the batteries were charged.

  173. 498

    by g***e

    Good product, a little trigger time but everything OK, I recommend

  174. 498

    by v***s

    Everything is fine

  175. 498

    by A***r

    Good product

  176. 498

    by A***a

    It’s what peraba is.

  177. 498

    by O***o

    Everything is super, and functional. Purchase satisfied

  178. 498

    by U***j

    Arrived in 13 days. Very well packaged. Look great and have a good weight to them. Will update when used.

  179. 498

    by I***r

    Zardki from USB, the sensors work in the dark with a bang, very satisfied with the product!!! came quickly!

  180. 498

    by A***a

    It came quickly. A week used all the norms. Color instead of gold bronze.

  181. 498

    by A***o

    All good thank you

  182. 498

    by I***k

    Delivery to Kiev took a month.
    Everything is fine, but it would be even better if the sensor was triggered only in the dark.

  183. 498

    by A***r

    Illuminate very well

  184. 498

    by l***l

  185. 498

    by I***r

    Чудовo prazyuyu, podimosya Yak will be trimatsya and on the skilki to show charging. Ale thing class

  186. 498

    by T***y

    Excellent lamps! Quality is good. excellent seller!

  187. 498

    by A***a

    I ordered two pieces. On one sensor does not work. Light is weak. Not happy.

  188. 498

    by a***r

    The lamp is already ordered second. there is a similar battery-operated and the motion sensor it works more adequately, I.E. More sensitive. but the batteries are more convenient, and the working time is almost comparable. the build quality and materials are decent. the brightness of the LEDs is good. i recommend to buy.

  189. 498

    by J***u

  190. 498

    by L***o

  191. 498

    by A***v

    I use a few days. As long as everything works. The motion sensor works perfectly. I recommend.

  192. 498

    by a***a

    Works well. I’ll see how it will work. order more.☺

  193. 498

    by I***a

    Very good lamps. Only turn on in the dark. Came in 10 days. Wrists through the wire. Thank you seller!

  194. 498

    by E***a

  195. 498

    by B***s

    Great Product

  196. 498

    by g***e

    Super produit

  197. 498

    by E***a

    good led light
    haven’t test the battery yet, hope it will last enough time

  198. 498

    by U***K

    It came quickly, the lamp is satisfied, the seller thanks!

  199. 498

    by b***n

    Excellent product, I will recommend. Thank You

  200. 498

    by D***z

    Low quality product. All the modules have been ruined.

  201. 498

    by A***r

    Great product. Packaging thin cardboard and bubble envelope

  202. 498

    by A***K

    Excellent lamps. Quickly came)

  203. 498

    by M***o

    Good Article, works perfectly. Good product, good seller.

  204. 498

    by M***s

    Everything perfect

  205. 498

    by M***v

    Third time I order! All works thanks

  206. 498

    by A***K

    Gold came, instead of silver. And so, good lamps. Neat and functional. Come quickly.

  207. 498

    by B***n

    Good quality, works well. Thanks!

  208. 498

    by J***a

    It is so perado. At the moment it works properly.

  209. 498

    by T***i

    everyfing ok

  210. 498

    by f***n

    I didn’t get

  211. 498

    by h***h

  212. 498

    by A***r

    I have already have several of these lights. this still not charged. they are quite convenient in the clothing cabinets

  213. 498

    by A***o

    Great Supplier!

  214. 498

    by J***i

    super .

  215. 498

    by D***t

    One of the light missing metal so it doesn’t stick to the magnet and another the sensor not working good.I was expecting better quality !

  216. 498

    by O***k

    Delivery to the Moscow region 26. Package: lamp with built-in battery, USB charging cable, strip of flexible magnet on double-sided tape, the simplest instruction in English and all in the factory carton package. Packing standard yellow duster bag. Factory packaging came a little wrinkled. After receiving in a couple of minutes the lamp was installed on its workplace, in the front door to illuminate the front door.
    Advantages: Power autonomy, easy installation, mobility.
    Disadvantages: The lamp itself is not magnetized, it has a metal strip that attracts to a flexible magnet, which in turn is attached to the surface on double-sided adhesive tape. There are no adjustments to the lamp working time after the motion sensor is triggered.

  217. 498

    by M***v

    Got everything. Everything works. Thanks to the seller.

  218. 498

    by M***n

  219. 498

    by A***v

    The sensor is barking, it does not burn brightly.

  220. 498

    by A***r

  221. 498

    by V***f

    Just super.

  222. 498

    by K***g

    great product, micro USB charging port included

  223. 498

    by i***o

    no good

  224. 498

    by A***r

    The goods are not received, the money is not returned, but wrote the dispute is closed. 3 Times went to the post office, and then said the goods sent back, even after opened the dispute, the tracking of the goods is written: if you did not receive the goods, open the dispute

  225. 498

    by a***v

  226. 498

    by A***b

    Shines well, the goods came very quickly, for 19 days in Nino

  227. 498

    by S***n

    Nicely packed delivered, meets his description.

  228. 498

    by M***r

    Very good

  229. 498

    by M***k

    Product’s size is too small.

  230. 498

    by L***a

  231. 498

    by M***h

  232. 498

    by E***r

    He arrived in 15 days. It works very well and illuminates enough for a cabinet of 90cm wide and 200cm high. The sensor is so sensitive that if you position it right in the small opening that leaves two swing doors closed from A closet, it turns on, so it’s better that the sensor is covered by one of the doors

  233. 498

    by A***h

    Thank you

  234. 498

    by E***n

  235. 498

    by A***r

  236. 498

    by E***o

    Everything is fine, fast delivery, whole and everything works.

  237. 498

    by J***z

    It works perfectly, motion sensor Efe had, plus with light it doesn’t turn on

  238. 498

    by V***k

    What you needed! I recommend.

  239. 498

    by V***t

    Works fine. Built-in battery lasts a little more than a day, when installed in the corridor

  240. 498

    by b***n

    Very good thank you

  241. 498

    by A***V

    Refreshing enough for shelves in the closet. It was not necessary to charge, came days 16 ago. Happy.

  242. 498

    by A***z


  243. 498

    by G***

  244. 498

    by K***y

    5 days, the flight is normal. Installed in the closet. Everything works as it should.

  245. 498

    by G***y

    2 times that I buy this product, I am very satisfied

  246. 498

    by V***v

    Stunningly useless thing. The sensor confidently works only in total darkness, if it is dim, then the lamp turns on once out of five. Self-discharge wild. A lamp with a banal button and a timer for a minute is significantly more convenient.

  247. 498

    by A***v

    As always, everything is fine.

  248. 498

    by P***X


  249. 498

    by A***r

    Weak lid holding batteries

  250. 498

    by A***l

    Perfect as always, 100% recommended

  251. 498

    by R***h

    As always, this is my 3rd order, all items received in perfect working condition. This time due to 11.11 fever, the shipment was delayed abit.

  252. 498

    by T***v

    All as in the description, the sensor reacts v1.5 m

  253. 498

    by A***r

    Good product.
    To be tested in time…

  254. 498

    by S***E

    Sensor is too sensitive to turn on by itself if the many right now oh

  255. 498

    by A***v

  256. 498

    by L***a

    I had a problem but the seller fixed it quickly.

  257. 498

    by V***r

    A weak battery, a day later had to be charged, stuck in the corridor on the ceiling of plastic panels, three days later fell off.

  258. 498

    by m***l

  259. 498

    by R***i

    A little worked and stopped. The batteries are inserted-will light up and fade. The motion sensor does not react in the dark or in the light. In a couple of days I earned again… How much is enough?

  260. 498

    by A***r

  261. 498

    by E***S

    Great item! Light is very bright and battery lasts nicely, almost 2weeks without charging. Sensors reacts on every movement, nothing bad to say about this item, thank you seller!

  262. 498

    by V***k

    Hello. before the post office in Belarus a little less than a month. in karobka and kanvert with bubbles. all the whole. 10 minutes charged to full capacity. The charge indicator changes color from red to green. The body is aluminum, there is a switch on/off. it works in the dark from 4 m. While there you go on. Went out extinguish after 10 seconds. for the night light is good, bright. the angle of the sensor is large almost 180 *.

  263. 498

    by A***r

    The picture you put out seems to be two

  264. 498

    by f***o

    I bought these more batteries flashlights and I think it’s better for rechargeable batteries because they weigh less and like they’re subject to an animal is better since the batteries have ever come off the magnet. Shelf inside a closet a week ago that charges your batteries and still has a lot of intensity. It also has a switch to turn on and off the light, which battery-operated ones do not have that switch.

  265. 498

    by S***r

    Ordered 3 PCs. Until I checked only one. The sensor lights up and burns for 30 seconds. Even very bright. Suggestion: to magnetic adhesive tape, so that the plane of the light bulbs shine down. And so shines in the eyes when on the wall hanging and even brightly for example in the bathroom. I will turn as it is on the corner, so that the direction of the bulbs was down.

  266. 498

    by A***n

    The light is very weak…

  267. 498

    by K***d

  268. 498

    by j***s

    Super fast shipping, good lighting, factory battery still lasts me

  269. 498

    by M***i

    The shipment has arrived very quickly. I have already placed several orders for this product, and so far it has not let me down. Still working to perfection

  270. 498

    by S***l


  271. 498

    by A***r


  272. 498

    by L***r

    Light a little dim

  273. 498

    by y***n

    too long

  274. 498

    by p***z

  275. 498

    by H***a

    Very fast shipping I’m very satisfy

  276. 498

    by R***n

    Works fine, prompt shipment. Nice !

  277. 498

    by V***k

  278. 498

    by M***l

    All right. Seller very fast outright ekspresowo sent parcel. Super. Thank you

  279. 498

    by B***K


  280. 498

    by m***m

    It works but the sensor isn’t that sensitive so you have to be close to it, second thing that I don’t like is when there is light in the room, it keeps running which will empty the battery if you install it in the kitchen for example

  281. 498

    by S***n

    Excellent lanterns for its price. Shine well, the sensor works as it should. There is no adjustment of the illumination and the duration of the glow. It is attached to a flat surface on a double-sided tape, the lamp itself can be unfastened (it is attached to a magnetic strip, which is glued to the surface). The parcel went to Moscow a little more than a month. The order and the seller is satisfied, I recommend

  282. 498

    by o***m

    not always works

  283. 498

    by E***o

    Great, thank you.

  284. 498

    by O***D

  285. 498

    by M***a

    The lamps look very good. The light is bright. All as in the picture. Only until I figured out how the sensor works. It is very convenient that it is magnetic and can be removed without problems to charge. But they are small enough-one kitchen cabinet needs 2 lamps to be useful. And delivery to Nizhny Novgorod 39 days (in any case I will order more.

  286. 498

    by M***v

    Well, very cool night light and delivery fast

  287. 498

    by j***a

    Very good ok

  288. 498

    by B***p

    Very well rechargeable very practical just lighting a little weak.

  289. 498

    by f***f

    Yakichi super. Delivered for 3 types. Seller recommend

  290. 498

    by m***a


  291. 498

    by M***n

  292. 498

    by A***r

    Received in a few days. Well packed in your box.
    It’s what they advertise and it works very well.
    Satisfied with the product

  293. 498

    by R***

    Everything works fine.

  294. 498

    by L***o

    That is worth

  295. 498

    by A***n

    Everything works. Thank you.

  296. 498

    by A***s


  297. 498

    by S***y

    Thank you Seller. shipping fast. all tracked. read other feedback-people will deal with the instruction before writing that all broken. the lamp is shining only in dark room!!!! seller recommend

  298. 498

    by J***e

    Good product and fast delivery.

  299. 498

    by A***o

    All as in the description. I recommend the product and the seller.

  300. 498

    by A***r

    Very good everything. Perfect for cabinets

  301. 498

    by A***r

  302. 498

    by M***i

  303. 498

    by L***L


  304. 498

    by ***A

  305. 498

    by J***s

    Very good lights

  306. 498

    by p***p

    It’s fine, thank you.

  307. 498

    by a***a

    Ordered the second. not a bad thing …. hung in the toilet, at night comfortable… charging enough for a month. d

  308. 498

    by R***u

  309. 498

    by B***l

    Very good, good quality, working very well. THX

  310. 498

    by R***v

    Cool lamp. I ordered for lighting a tambour. The motion sensor works properly, without flaws.

  311. 498

    by s***s

    fast and complete

  312. 498

    by i***n


  313. 498

    by r***s

    I only got one and no wires for your cargo. I don’t recommend this seller.

  314. 498

    by A***r

    Long was the parcel. But the lantern works. The description of the goods was accurate.

  315. 498

    by K***a

    Everything works fine, were charged. I ordered 2 pieces.

  316. 498

    by I***i

    Great lamp works I’m glad

  317. 498

    by A***v

    Everything is OK!

  318. 498

    by I***A

  319. 498

    by A***v

  320. 498

    by k***a

  321. 498

    by A***r


  322. 498

    by s***s

    All as in the description. Good Goods.

  323. 498

    by d***h

    The product is of good quality. The motion sensor works pretty well.

  324. 498

    by A***V

    I took a warm color. Shines, as it seems to me not brighter!!! Than a small version but with white light.
    Perhaps it’s in the discharged battery (put to charge).
    The rest is a great thing. For the working area, for cabinets and closets it is better to use white.

  325. 498

    by A***r

  326. 498

    by A***v

  327. 498

    by N***z

    Only one lamp comes, not two as it appears in the product photo.

  328. 498

    by A***r

    They look solid, I have to load them and test light intensity, for now good impression. Shipping very fast.

  329. 498

    by a***o

    All right

  330. 498

    by L***o

    Everything came, I recommend the seller. Lamp working.

  331. 498

    by b***s

    Very sensitive and strong.

  332. 498

    by r***v

    Very good, ecxcellent

  333. 498

    by M***o

    Look good, charged and will light up as expected. Let’s see how they act to an extensive usage in time.

  334. 498

    by m***a

    Very good product!!

  335. 498

    by W***b

  336. 498

    by A***l

  337. 498

    by I***a

    Great lamp. The movement reacts well. In the lighted room does not work.

  338. 498

    by M***i

    The product is identical to the description, for 12 pieces or more we need better discounts to buy the customer.

  339. 498

    by v***v

    Everything works.

  340. 498

    by A***r

  341. 498

    by M***i

  342. 498

    by i***v

    Everything corresponds to the description. Quality is normal.

  343. 498

    by E***r

    Good product and fast shipping

  344. 498

    by E***n

    Good deal

  345. 498

    by n***r

    Very very long shipping. Already wanted to open a dispute. And so everything works. Seller helped with product tracking

  346. 498

    by V***u

  347. 498

    by R***v

    Flashlight is not bad. Installed in the passage light corridor at a height of 2 m. It even works on a cat during the day. I did not understand how the light sensor works. In the work 3 days have not yet charged, at night the lighting is enough for a passage along the corridor without turning on the main saetelnik. The packaging is unpretentious but the box arrived without damage. Comes with a cord for charging. With the seller did not communicate, delivery to Ivanovo 45 days.

  348. 498

    by A***v

    Charges quickly. Shines brightly. Optical sensors work confidently.

  349. 498

    by m***h

    looks very good,
    durable build,
    strong light

  350. 498

    by D***y

    Very sensitive to illuminate. Not sure battery life is as good as previous purchases.

  351. 498

    by N***r

    good but battery is not great

  352. 498

    by Y***y

    I ordered 2 lamps with recharging, came on batteries, the motion sensor does not work, only insert batteries works 1 minute, then goes out, and does not turn on, does not react to any movements, disappointed very, do not recommend

  353. 498

    by T***s

  354. 498

    by S***v

    The order received everything works. The lamp is small but shines well, let’s see how much it will work. Thank you. Recommend

  355. 498

    by A***n

    Thank you. Everything works. Shines well.

  356. 498

    by V***d

    Très efficace

  357. 498

    by E***r

    The light goes on at night a lot of times, without any movement, which is pretty annoying. I would like to return the product

  358. 498

    by R***o

  359. 498

    by S***v


  360. 498

    by R***g

    Not worth that kind of money.

  361. 498

    by J***z

    It is more speck in total measures 18,5 cm long and light 18 cm.

  362. 498

    by k***h

  363. 498

    by A***r

    Packed badly just a package. The seller was sorry to have in the “doll” wrap. The box itself is crumpled. Delivered only in 60 days. sent through Finland, this is something new… more than a month went only from Finland and of course without tracking. there is also a motion sensor and light. works well, consider where to position, the sensor should determine the motion. turns on not much, seconds 20 total.

  364. 498

    by d***d

    The lamp came completely serviceable, no damage, I liked. thanks to the seller.

  365. 498

    by D***a

    Everything is super. Alert where necessary, and let the sensor calm down for 5 minutes then check for movement

  366. 498

    by R***r

    I’m happy with my cat passes it burns

  367. 498

    by M***a

    Very good product

  368. 498

    by l***p

    Very good

  369. 498

    by A***r

  370. 498

    by A***r

  371. 498

    by J***v

  372. 498

    by S***o

    Illuminates well but I miss it having the function of turning it on manually even if there is some light

  373. 498

    by A***v

    Everything is fine, the function performs at 100))

  374. 498

    by T***R

    Very good, recommended

  375. 498

    by S***c

    Alles klar

  376. 498

    by I***a

    From December 29 to January 13 .. Very fast. Everything is well packed. Because I was waiting. Super. Thank you very much.

  377. 498

    by A***n

    The goods (lamps) received, all OK! Ordered 3 pieces, all work (came charged). Funny such things, shine well, react quickly. The time of operation in the backlight mode is about 10-15 seconds, which is quite enough. Thanks to the seller for the quality goods. Showed at work, employees liked. Triggered even with small lighting, which is convenient for additional illumination in the kitchen in the working area. Seller recommend 5 +.

  378. 498

    by K***r

    The lamp is great. Works perfectly!

  379. 498

    by N***v

    Everything is fine, now I want even longer and brighter

  380. 498

    by A***v

    Works well ….

  381. 498

    by V***v

    Twisted in his hands, heavy, in the light does not work, in the dark it works, the color is warm. Walked month

  382. 498

    by d***r

    exactly as shown in pic… installed and works fine…. highly recommend.

  383. 498

    by a***s

    Simple, efficient, rechargeable batteries. Recommend this product and this seller. Bravo

  384. 498

    by Н***ч

    Excellent lamps, very bright. Put it in the closet.

  385. 498

    by N***a

    Purchase is very satisfied. Shines brightly.

  386. 498

    by G***k

    Troche for Malo swiatla and wydawaly Sie wieksze…

  387. 498

    by M***a

    The photo is confusing because it looks like two are coming, but only one is coming. They should specify it

  388. 498

    by J***a

  389. 498

    by M***y

  390. 498

    by N***n

    Good products and High quality

  391. 498

    by T***a

    The lamp received, everything works properly. Thank you. I will order more.

  392. 498

    by s***s


  393. 498

    by A***r

  394. 498

    by m***z

    Today I arrive thank you

  395. 498

    by A***r

    The goods are good. But very long product
    Delivered and even lost, while neither the sending country nor the recipient country could reply where the parcel is located. Apparently because of the small size all the difficulties.

  396. 498

    by T***B

    Terrible description. They put in all the pictures two lamps and only send one. Misleading advertising

  397. 498

    by A***r

    Late but I arrive

  398. 498

    by B***U

    Items don’t work

  399. 498

    by f***n

  400. 498

    by B***p

    Matches the description

  401. 498

    by F***s

    Very good product the charge is long time, I recommend to all…

  402. 498

    by M***n

  403. 498

    by A***v

    The description corresponds (took with the battery). Small size, looks cute. Instruction in English. Works well, the light is not very bright. Before first use, you need to fully charge the battery.

  404. 498

    by g***k

    The LEDs arrived after less than 2 week’s to Israel. Super fast delivery. I am very pleased. Have to charge them first and then I’ll try them. Great product, Thanks

  405. 498

    by R***i

    With switch and charging. This one works clearly. Previous buggy.

  406. 498

    by L***z

    Works as advertised, light not so strong, but as expected with 10 LEDs. Good for small spaces. It you need to light a whole waredrove you’ll need more than one.

  407. 498

    by R***n


  408. 498

    by A***r


  409. 498

    by v***n

    Goods No, money did not return, lohotron!!!!!!

  410. 498

    by V***V

    The lamp is excellent, it shines brightly. In the work did not check (the battery is charged). When charging, I will add a review.

  411. 498

    by E***v

    Works only in the dark, everything is fine

  412. 498

    by M***e

    just perfect size. works well. fast delivery

  413. 498

    by T***S

    Very good and works

  414. 498

    by R***v

    Top only lighting drop weak

  415. 498

    by J***o

    Product as described. More suitable for cabinet interior by its size. Right now charging battery to test it in condition.

  416. 498

    by A***k

    Cool lamp

  417. 498

    by D***n

    The lamp is good, but not very large. To illuminate the work surface in the kitchen is too small…

  418. 498

    by V***v

    The product corresponds to the description. Received in three weeks. Thanks to the seller. I recommend!

  419. 498

    by J***e

    I recommend it qualitatively.

  420. 498

    by M***z

    Very good quality, high quality. Recommended

  421. 498

    by G***n


  422. 498

    by A***r

    Good product to see the use

  423. 498

    by A***f

    Very small.

  424. 498

    by G***

    I love these sensors. Very comfortable! Charged from USB. Hung in a dark corridor, charging enough for a month or so.

  425. 498

    by N***h

    Delivery-a month and a half to the Moscow region, the track was not tracked. Packaging-factory boxes and puffy yellow package, everything came in intact. I did not communicate with the seller. The lamps are on, everything works. How long will the batteries last-let’s see. Seller recommend.

  426. 498

    by s***z

    Perfect, though I thought two units would come, my failure to look at it well. Makes your function perfectly

  427. 498

    by H***n

    Super product

  428. 498

    by J***t

    so far so good , everthing works and keeping a charge

  429. 498

    by m***r

    Very good.

  430. 498

    by A***r

    The photo shows two and leads to deception. Only one arrives.

  431. 498

    by I***a

    Great lamp! Motion and light sensors work very well.

  432. 498

    by E***

    Great bulbs! What you need for “dark” places in the apartment and not only! Quality is satisfied, it works from the first time. Delivery was the fastest of the experience of orders for Ali (2 weeks in St. Petersburg). Thanks to the seller for the excellent work! I will definitely order more at the cottage.

  433. 498

    by T***J

    very good conditions!! i will buy 2 more

  434. 498

    by A***k

    Well received

  435. 498

    by D***c

  436. 498

    by B***o

  437. 498

    by j***n

    I’m early. I like it very much.

  438. 498

    by R***r

  439. 498

    by J***d

    Works perfectly, very fast delivery
    Good seller-thank you

  440. 498

    by U***d

    Took a day or two for the light sensor to work. The rest is fine! Satisfied with the purchase. Light is pretty bright.

  441. 498

    by F***o

    It came fast, it’s unproven

  442. 498

    by U***r

    good product and delivery fast

  443. 498

    by E***r

    The product is according to the description.

  444. 498

    by m***m

    On of the lights did not work and the seller was not cooperative

  445. 498

    by S***n

    Class. Thank you.

  446. 498

    by P***o


  447. 498

    by K***I

  448. 498

    by A***r

  449. 498

    by L***k

  450. 498

    by A***o

    All fire!!))) I will order more!! Thank you very much to the seller!! I recommend!

  451. 498

    by V***v

    Put in the kitchen, works as it should. Seth is not bright, but not quite dull, as it should.

  452. 498

    by M***

    I ordered two and one didn’t work.

  453. 498

    by n***n

  454. 498

    by E***a

  455. 498

    by A***i

  456. 498

    by A***r

    Sent promptly, came for 2 weeks. Shine well for nightlights. Some pictures are not preserved, unfortunately. One of the 4 ordered lamps does not have a green charge indicator.

  457. 498

    by s***s

    Many love the Product is super

  458. 498

    by E***u

    Great product

  459. 498

    by k***r

    Works well, but the load really does not last long

  460. 498

    by M***r

    Loud Photo 2 Piece but only a Supplied

  461. 498

    by A***r

  462. 498

    by k***r

    Works well but the load does not last long. If it was to redo I would order those with batteries

  463. 498

    by S***s

  464. 498

    by K***v

  465. 498

    by v***v

  466. 498

    by I***

  467. 498

    by A***r

    The package arrived smoothly.
    Everything ok.
    Good product. It’s my second order.

  468. 498

    by m***o

    I liked it. Placed in the kitchen above the table… conveniently …. fit… at a distance of 3 meters works.

  469. 498

    by A***v

    A good bright lamp, works clearly. Attached in the trunk as an additional lamp.

  470. 498

    by R***s

    I order a second time, as always everything is on top.

  471. 498

    by B***k

    Quite brightly and nice looking

  472. 498

    by S***l

    Nice and good light that suits me very much!

  473. 498

    by V***n

    Everything is fine.

  474. 498

    by M***i

    I think ne acquisterò Other

  475. 498

    by g***g

    Delivered quickly

  476. 498

    by A***r

  477. 498

    by R***a

  478. 498

    by h***a

  479. 498

    by K***r

  480. 498

    by S***c

    All the best works very well with amazing Light

  481. 498

    by I***v

    Excellent LED backlight; movement is tracked. I recommend.

  482. 498

    by F***n

    Good product, easy to install and use. 100% recommended for a kitchen.

  483. 498

    by G***r

    If the charging cable had a reasonable length and the light would be brighter , I would have given this product five stars !!!
    – if you stick on the light bar, you should first think about how to get the power from the socket to the lamp.
    (… a cable length of 1 m will be perfect !!!!!)

  484. 498

    by K***i

    Everything is Ok

  485. 498

    by L***a

  486. 498

    by A***v

  487. 498

    by S***d

  488. 498

    by A***r

  489. 498

    by R***l

  490. 498

    by F***z

    Lighting is very good. They’re aluminum and not plastic.
    I will definitely order more for the cabinets

  491. 498

    by J***z

    They’re the second ones I ask for.

  492. 498

    by A***o

    Good quality. At night react instantly. Convenient and practical. Thanks to the seller for the fast delivery.

  493. 498

    by A***n

  494. 498

    by A***r

  495. 498

    by A***r

    Are not satisfied because I didn’t receive my order and are not been refunded

  496. 498

    by s***r

    The switch only works in auto/off mode.
    No position on, that is to include constantly.

  497. 498

    by g***r

    Good thing, but turns on even in daylight, in this its minus.

  498. 498

    by e***r

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